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  1. It wasn't my company no, it was a company i worked for - the direct debit came out of my account and then i claimed the business milage back from the company (crappy way of doing it i know!) The last payment was probably 2013, but i cant be sure, as i have no documentation from them. No personal guarantee i believe - as it wasn't my company.... Whats my step now? Am i best to reply to their letter and ask them for copies of agreements? and then depending on what those agreements say, go back and advise that they should be contacting the company and not myself?
  2. I'm assuming so, but can't remember as it was so long back. Nor can I not understand why it wasn't paid or why this is the first I'm hearing about it. As I said, it was in the name of the company I worked for st the time too. Originally £600, plus interest and potential court fees, close to 1k Do I reply or ignore ?
  3. ill add it on shortly, may have to take some photos rather than scan! I had a card which i used for fuel (personal and business fuel) which was on direct debit ( i cant find anything relating to it now - statements/agreemnets etc) from memory the card had my companies name on it, but was registered to my address at the time...... Pictures attached Thanks for your help
  4. Hi I have today received a letter from flint bishop chasing a debt that i don't recall. The debt is from 2013 and says it relates to an outstanding invoice from "fuel genie" They have attached a "mock" (unstamped) court claim form on it What do i do now? Worried about this as i don't want it to effect my credit rating... Cheers
  5. Sorry for the delay, i tried contacting the "sherrifs office" a couple of times and they said someone would contact me back and never has. I guess there is no where i can go with this now? ?
  6. i spoke to the court, and the bloke i spoke to didnt have a clue what i was talking to and told me to attend court anyway! So basically, once i attend court, and they dont set the judgement aside (which they wont, beause no one is going to turn up from the company), what do i do once i have the CCJ in the name of the liquidated company? Thanks
  7. Thank you, will call them again tomorrow. Just out of interest, do you have any idea what this proxy form is that ive recvied from this solicitor that will be acting as the insolvency practitioner?
  8. I did, couldnt get hold of anyone to speak to when i called the court, however i did write to them and havent heard anything back! Does the company going into liquidation mean i have no chance now? Or does what ive read about "piercing the corporate veil" apply?
  9. Right, they have also registered another LTD company, same address as the last, different name. Is there anything i can do at all? :/
  10. HELP!! I have today received a letter from a solicitors acting on behalf of the company The director of the company having regard to its financial position, has decided to take steps to place the company into creditors voluntary liquidation What does this mean?? It says i have to fill in a proxy form and a statement of claim form, what can i do now??
  11. Thankyou, Do i just send a letter to the main court address? Thanks
  12. Yes.... Sorry for the delay.. I went to court, they didnt turn up, i got judgement, Then out of the blue i get a letter to say the court have had an application to set the judgement aside, and i have to attend a hearing in January now. What does this mean? how is this fair when i have already got a judgement ? Thanks
  13. Guys, I have now received a letter from a solicitor acting on their behalf, after i sent an email offering them a final chance of settlement. I don't have the letter to hand but it basically stated i didn't give them chance to resolve the issue (LOL!!) and they would offer me a full refund of the price paid for the car (Id still be £600 out of pocket, no thanks!) and they stated that i test drove the vehicle before i purchased it, i didn't, i wasn't offered a test drive. So ive replied to them stating all the correct facts and again advising them of their obligations, hopefully they w
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