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  1. Hi Hussain, it seems that RBS has not settled with anyone on these deals. I have agreed with them that I do not have to make quarterly payments but just pay my normal repayment, although of course I am not benefitting from the reduced interest rates. I have lodged a formal complaint with them but as individuals I do not see that they will listen to any of these. I really lodged the complaint because they have to report them and I figure that the more people that complain the higher profile this issue will get. Hope this helps
  2. Thanks jbf. I was thinking about writing to my MP also but am trying to think of how to get the most impact from a letter. Maybe add a number of names to a letter and send it to each MP?
  3. Very interesting to read that there are so many Companies that have been affected by what I am sure was a deliberate attempt by RBS to sell these policies knowing what was about to happen to interest rates. RBS were emailing and calling me regularly extolling the virtues of 'protecting' my business with this product. In reality it has had a dire impact on our cashflow such that we are struggling to survive, given the state of the economy. I am sure that there are many more businesses in the same situation so what is needed is to publicise this somehow national and then present a class action a
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