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  1. Letter now sent. I've just had another phone call from them. I've started logging them now. I asked the caller (different one to yesterday) to read out the notes from yesterday's conversation, which he did. I then asked why, in view of those notes, he was making the call, He told me that it's nothing to do with me if they choose to phone this number (!) and that they will continue to phone every day until my wife returns their call to discuss the matter or inform them to write to her. He is adamant that they have written to her. My wife assures me that she has not received a letter from t
  2. Thanks citizenB. Should I we send the letter out by recorded delivery?
  3. Thanks for both your quick responses. I really appreciate the advice. SilverFox, I have located the letter. Can I send it to them now or should it come from my wife? As for fkofilee's advice do I complain to relevant authorities now or await Mortimer Clarke's response? Thanks again.
  4. I'm not sure which is the right place to post this, so apologies. Please move to the correct forum. I work from home and, over the last ten days, I have received around 10 telephone calls from a company called Mortimer Clarke. They are trying to contact Mrs Sam and they will not tell me what it's about other than 'it's a serious matter' On each occasion that they have phoned I have told them not to phone again and instructed them to write to my wife at this address. She doesn't work from home but from an office in the local town. They have just phoned me again and I lost my temper (o
  5. I'm not sure where to post this so firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place. I have an outstanding loan with Lloyds TSB - currently just over £9k. I got into financial difficulties a few years ago and could not pay the debt back. I had to attend my local County Court where judgement was given to the bank. I agreed to pay the debt off at £150.00 a month and I managed to do that for a while. Payments are made through SCM Solicitors. However I have had other financial issues and I have found the payments difficult. I have just checked and, whereas I sh
  6. Thanks to all for your advice. I'm sure there will be a lot more questions! ims21. The RBS questionnaire is different to the FOS one. Are you suggesting that I reply to the RBS letter enclosing the completed FOS questionnaire and ignore the RBS document? Also should I be sending a seperate SAR to RBS at this stage? Many thanks.
  7. I wrote to Royal Bank of Scotland on behalf of Mrs Sam over a year ago. She had paid PPI on a credit card and she thought that it might have been mis-sold. We got a letter back from RBS which fobbed us off basically. Mrs Sam didn't need the hassle, as she is unwell, so she didn't pursue it. Last week she received a letter, totally out of the blue, from RBS which states that PPI may have been mis-sold. They have asked her to fill in a questionnaire and return it to them. The gist of the letter appears to be a question over how such policies were sold to self employed people. My wife has be
  8. I have finally received a reply from RBS, dated 3 December and they have rejected the claim. It's a really long letter but the gist of the rejection in the letter is given in italics below (all words taken from the "RBS Case Officer" letter to me dated 3 December). During the course of my investigation I looked at all the available evidence that is relevant to your complaint. The following items or documents were reviewed as part of my investigation: Credit Card Application Form Policy Document Credit Card Statements Please find enclosed a copy of the above documents.
  9. Just one more question (I hope!) If they agree to refund the PPI will they pay it back to her or deduct it from the outstanding credit card debt? Thanks.
  10. Hi ims21. She wasn't self-employed when she took out the policy. She was working for a company at that time. I've looked through the paperwork again and I can't see see the PPI agreement anywhere. There is a copy of her signature on the Credit Agreement for the Egg card in 2002 but it does not mention PPI at all.
  11. I'm still going through Mrs Sam's bank accounts and credit card accounts looking for mis-sold PPI. I have sent a SAR to Egg and they have finally complied with over 400 pages of information! Mrs Sam took out an Egg credit card back in 2002 which ran until 2008. During that time she paid an average of £30.00 per month PPI. I'm ploughing through the paperwork to see her signed agreement for PPI but I haven't found it yet - there appears to be everything else though. Mrs Sam cannot remember how it was sold to her back in 2002. Mrs Sam became ill in 2008.
  12. Thanks guys. I think I will send them a FOS and ask them to refund the £500 plus interest and see what they come back with. I assume I can hit them with a failed SAR later if no joy?
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