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  1. Big thanks to slick and the site team for their time and effort. I really do appreciate it.
  2. Please see attached spreadsheet. Sheet 1 - as per statements Sheet 2 - rework the account as suggested by ombudsman final decision Sheet 2 shows that I would have available funds until the 3rd March 2009 assuming I paid nothing in. My other complaint was that my debit card was cancelled as part of the fraud investigation yet card transactions went through. I was not aware or was made that any continuous authority card payments could still be processed, particularly during a fraud complaint so I was not expecting those. barclays transactions.xls
  3. Hi, Barclays have acknowledged that the disputed transactions were fraudulent with the ombudsman. My balance before the fraud (2nd December 2008) was £3394 drawn with a limit of £3500. There were 8 transactions in December 2008 that were fraud. Whilst Barclays investigated I did not have the funds to bring the account back into overdraft so it caused 9 reserve fees between the 17th December 2008 and the 16th February 2009. This took the balance close to £3900 drawn. The fraud was refunded on the 12th Feb 2009 (with one of the eight claimed transactions missing). On the 1
  4. Hi Slick, Apologies, but post no5 was actually referring to the ombudsman final decision. An adjudicator pretty much said Barclays were not at fault and they never really investigated fully. They did not respond to any of my queries either and brushed off my main reasons for complaint so I took the adjudicator decision to an ombudsman for review. How does that change things?
  5. Thanks slick! I have triple triple checked. If there were no fraud I would have happily been within my limit well into 2009. Am I allowed to ask for clarification on any part of the final decision?
  6. Well, I have finally had a decision! However, it is not exactly what I was looking for. In fact it was dreadful. 20+ recorded delivery letters, 3 years, hundreds of letter writing and research hours. £100 compensation. BOOOO!!! The ombudsman has asked Barlcays to refund all fraud and re-work the account from the date of the last fraud and refund any charges and interest. WIN!!! Reworking the account *should* remove the £700+ in charges and return my account well within my credit limit I had at the time of the fraud. WIN!!! If the account is reworked it shows no over
  7. Do you think S.10 CCA is relevant here? Should I hit the CRAs with the following?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I'd be grateful if you can help. A few years ago now I had over £200 of fraudulent transactions on my account that took me over my overdraft limit. I notified the fraud squad at Barlcays and they investigated. As the fraud took me over my overdraft limit I incurred personal reserve charges and bounced payment charges. After signing and returning the fraud claim forms, Barclays took 25 days to credit a bulk of the the fraudulent transactions and incurred fees. They missed a refund on one of the transactions and missed several reser
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