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  1. Help! I've been scammed! I saw this products online. It was advertised as the secret fat burners and muscle builders used by Hollywood A-listers like Gerard Butler and co. It promised a free trial, and all I had to pay was just £2.99 for each of the above, for postage. I duly punched my credit card details in, requesting the so called free sample. Lo! and behold! Credit card statement came in after a few weeks, and these guys had charged me £79.97 and £94.97 in addition to the £5.98 earlier charged for postage, totalling £180.92. Though I've instructed Barclaycard not to honour any more attempts to charge me, I would really want a refund as I've not opened the "so called" free trial sent to me. I called the company responsible, and spoke to someone called "Rick" with an Indian accent. As soon as I requested a refund, he said their system was having a problem, and that he would call me back. I have not heard from him for two days now, and I can't get them on phone.
  2. Hello, I have a four year car finance, and in my first year. I pay £249.00 direct debit monthly, and to pay a lump sum of about £4500.00 in the fourth year. Interest in the car has really dwindled, and would like to return the car. Will this have any effect on my credit rating? I just want some advice before approaching the finance company.
  3. Hello all, I can do with some good advice about the above mentioned PCN. It was on Lymington Avenue N22. I parked (with legitimate Visitors Permit) well away from the immediate vicinity of a displayed suspension notice attached to a pole...about 25 metres away, only to return and be faced with a PCN on my car. I accosted the CEO and asked him why. He said the suspension affected the whole length of the street. Upon reading the notice I realised he wrote the MAKE of my car to be a Ford. Though he got the reg number, colour, and excise date right, my car is a Kia and not a Ford. My aim is to challenge and request cancellation, in that the notice was deceitful and set as trap for motorists who assume the notice only affects the immediate vicinity, and the fact he was not wholly referring to my car. Sincere and quality advice would be appreciated Thanks
  4. Thank you all for your response. I'll let you know the eventual outcome. Big and special thanks to TheBogsDollocks.
  5. I have been appealing against a PCN contravention code 12 to no avail since February. My only offence was to scratch the wrong day on my Visitors Permit when parked at a "Pay & Display or Resident Permit holders bay". My Representation Appeal cited mitigating circumstance as reason ticket should be cancelled. I wonder if anyone could advice on this....
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