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  1. Hello Every One , It's been around 8 week since I was caught but I did not get any letter yet. What should I do now. Do I need to contact them or should I wait for some more time. Am planning to change to a new address. So can anyone suggest me best possible solution. Thank Q.
  2. Hi even I am in same situation. How did you manage to reach a settlement with the train operating company? could you please post your letter so that it would b very helpful for me deleting your personal details. Thank You
  3. Hello HB, I know the meaning of any time return[which must be used only once]. But unfortunately I used the same ticket twice [which I have used previously] thinking I could save some money but caught.
  4. In short cut I have used that ticket twice as it was any time return in a month[ i.e., once I have used for half part and went back and second time I have used for whole journey where I was caught].
  5. Hi first of all thanks for ur reply.. It was South Eastern and I was travelling from luton to Gillingham and used it till london once and after few days I used it to get back to gillingham...
  6. Hello... I am getting straight into the point. Last month I was caught using an any time return ticket which used previously for half part of the journey thinking I could save some money. Those people just took my details and said i would get a letter. But till know I haven't received any letter. Actually am very nervous about consequences. So can anyone please suggest me what would be the consequences... Than Q
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