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  1. Hi All. My Father is nearly 80 and relies on his landline. He recently reported a problem on his line to his provider (Post Office) who confirmed there was a fault and advised him BT would be out to have a look. BT arrived a couple of days later and the engineer says there is a fault caused by water ingress and he needs a new connecter box in the house. He replaces this box and disappears. Next thing my Father is being charged by the Post Office £144 + VAT for this tiny box! No-one, not the engineer or the Post Office at any t
  2. I've had problems from day 1 with this model, now 24 months old. Three times in the first year their engineer 'fixed it' (after a battle with Commet) only to break down again. Then the 4th time it broke (after 13months) they wouldn't send an engineer as it was 1 month out of guarantee. Quoting SOGA and everything else proved no good. I gave up with Commet as we have kids and didn't have a fridge (or was it freezer that time?!), and paid for it to be mended by an independant engineer (PCB). It again broke down recently - the diverter valve this time. My own independant engineer says thi
  3. I've seen a few threads relating to Comet and the Prestige PRT295ffcs, but don't know what to do now. Basically mine has a recurring fault - fridge icing up and freezer temperature going erratic. Its never been right even though they have 'fixed it' twice in the first 12 months. It has gone wrong yet again but of course now its just out if guarantee so they wont repair it without an engineers report and want £69 for this. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place - £69 or clear off and stop bothering them!! Surley a fridge freezer has a life of more than a 14 - 15 months?!! Is there anything
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