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  1. It wasn't HP... else i would never have gotten rid of it due to the hpi marker. It was some kind of Santander Car Loan i took out.
  2. Does it sound right that Bluestone AND Santander have listed as default on my credit report?
  3. I don't know my account number for the santander agreement.. can they just use my name and address and pull relative info from that?
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone, I will definitely do the CCA Request. I remember back in 2011 they sent an 'agent' round to my house in a desperate bid to make me give them the car.. they'd sell it for approx 11k and still make me in debt 8k. I refused, sold the car and used the money for other things :razz:and a few months later they sent a letter to me offering a reduction of debt to 10k.. They shot themselves in the foot.. i would have given the car to them if they'd had written off the whole lot but they were greedy
  5. Back in 2010, when i was young and stupid, i bought a car on finance for £19k with Santander Finance.. I became unemployed a few months later and defaulted on the monthly payments a few times. The debt was then passed on to Bluestone credit management. Up until now, i've gotten away with paying BCM only £10 a month, however i'm hoping to join the armed forces soon and i'm worried about how things will play out because BCM like to contact me via phone call for a "review" every 6 months and it's likely i'll be away when they phone up. If they found out i'm a single male with no dependents in the armed forces they'll want a huge chunk of my salary. This debt is the only thing that's putting doubt into my mind regarding a new career and a fresh start. Is bankruptcy an option? I could wipe the slate clean and start a fresh?
  6. Can people not just accept what i said at face value. I don't want to go into more details to "prove" it to you guys because i dont need to I wouldn't even bother reporting unless i was 100% I suspect the government doesn't really give a toss except to make a few token convictions that make the local newspaper. I'll phone the HMRC tax credit line tomorrow.
  7. How do i know? She's told me last year. She's told my friend. She's logged into her online banking on my friends phone and he's seen the £165 tax credits weekly payment. My friend (reluctantly) picks up her benefit mail from her mums house as she lives 200 miles away
  8. I know a woman that has been fraudulently claiming tax credits using her mothers house for 3 years now. I have reported her about 10 different occasions during these past years as has another friend of mine.. Absolutely NOTHING gets done. She lives 200 miles south in a cottage with her working boyfriend and three children. With the Tax Credits and the Child benefit money She's pulling in close to £900 a month. Before the predictable "you're mistaken" replies come in i'd just like to emphasize the fact that i KNOW without a shadow of a doubt. I have a mutual friend who has also reported her, and she's also tried to get her to help her with more benefit fraud - Asked to falsely "rent" her house and split the housing benefit money. I can only imagine how many other people out there are doing this and getting away with it. Apparently they only investigate 5% of fraud reports - I can believe it!! If the DWP/HMRC employed more people to combat this, i'm certain they'd make massive savings from lost money and fines etc.. Anything else i can do? Write to MP maybe? I'm so annoyed seeing her holiday pictures from Jamaica on facebook
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