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  1. Thank you so much for having a look. Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones. I wish you all the best in the pursuit of what is rightfully yours and will keep an eye on this threads progress.
  2. Hi I have finally managed to scan my calculations. Does it look like I am one of the lucky ones that they calculated correctly? TIA
  3. Hi Guys, MBNA have finally given me the statement showing how they calculated the PPI refund. How do I check that they have calculated it correctly? Thanks in advance.
  4. My problem could be that I didn't raise this with the FOS 6 months after receiving my redress in 2011. It was only in May this year after reading this informative thread that I decided to query the calculations with MBNA directly.
  5. It would be a shame if they do send me the statement and it shows they did incorrectly calculate my redress, and nothing can be done as was calculated in November 2011 and not January 2012!. My mother and sister both had PPI redress from MBNA at about the same time as me too.
  6. Just seen they are only looking at calculations from 2012-2013 so that blows me out then!
  7. Hi Everyone, I contacted MBNA back in June 2014 to ask them to look at the calculations of my redress in November 2011. They wrote back in July 2014 to say it had been calculated correctly and emailed me a copy of the original single page with a brief breakdown that I received with my cheque. I emailed them back requesting a statement showing the build of the redress. I heard nothing until today, I got a letter back saying their investigations are taking longer than expected and they should respond by the end of September. After the news of the FCA findings hopefully they will send me a complete breakdown of how the worked out the PPI redress and the silver lining would be a nice cheque attached too!
  8. Sorry for not explaining fully. My dad is dyslexic so I am helping him complain about the PPI sold to him, as I believe his branch who he has banked with over 30 years has taken advantage of his disability. In early 2012 I complained to Barclays for 3 loans he had, plus overdraft protection on his account. This was successful and they refunded 15k. Then Feb this year they refunded my dad 4k as they made an error when calculating the overdraft PPI from 2012. This was a great surprise and got me thinking I better do a SAR to find out what else has been sold to him. The first plus loan in 2009 was used to consolidate 2 loans with Barclays, plus one with Abbey and a monument card. I believe my dad remortgaged in order to clear the first plus loan in 2011. Now I have seen two monument cards on the SAR so will be asking for statements. Thanks for your advice.
  9. Thank you for your response. Although the paperwork showed 2 monument visas, it did not include statement for them. With regards to the First Plus loan, having gone through the paperwork Barclays have already refunded this single premium PPI.
  10. Hi All, My dad has today received his SAR response from Barclays of which I am going through for him. Your help will be greatly appreciated in answering my queries. 1. On the Prequal PPI under BID policies my dad has one for First Plus, does my dad complain to Barclays about this? 2. On the retail account details it lists Barclay loans plus the First plus loan mentioned above and 2 monument visas. My dad had 6 loans with Barclays some with PPI. The Barclay loans show a "Y" or "N" under the account PPI Flag section, but the monument visas and first plus loan show "I" under PPI flag. What does the "I" stand for? 3. If my dad did have PPI on the monument visa which was sold to him in branch at Barclays, does that mean he complains to them and not monument? Thanks in advance
  11. Why not ring Barclays Insurance Dublin on 0500 500 700. Thats what I did, and they told me all my PPI account numbers, start date, finish date and monthly payments. You will have to answer their security questions and the addresses you have lived at over the years. Good Luck!
  12. Sorry I was getting very confused, I have been reading most of the stickys over the weekend, but with all the info got a bit of brain freeze. I think I am on the right road now, thanks for the guidance.
  13. Thank you so much. My loan was front loaded so I would have paid interest on the PPI, is there a specific spreadsheet I can use to work this out?
  14. Can you please add the link to the spreadsheet, so I use the right one.
  15. Hi all, I am asking for help calculating how much PPI I will have returned back by my bank. I am having difficulty coming up with a figure after using the spreadsheets, so I must be doing something wrong. I took a £2000 loan in January 1998 which was for 60 Months I paid £422 for PPI which was front loaded. The loan was paid to term, and so far on an estimation letter, Barclays have said they will refund me £666. I feel this is on the low side and really would like to work out how much I should get back. Any assistance on calculating my refund is much appreciated. Skinny rib x
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