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  1. I couldn't agree more Martin. Front line sales staff are the people who carry the companies image and reputation over to the customer. Sales staff are bound by rules when it comes to selling to the consumer. Them rules should be at the front of their mind when it comes to any information they give about a potential purchase and they ignore them rules at their own risk. On this occasion a rule was broken and I had to try and get them to deal with that. During the period when I was in dispute with them over this, their customer care service (which is basically a call centre) was severely l
  2. Frankly, whether or not the cars existing engine is adequate for the job is irrelevant, as is the statement about fuel economy, maintenance costs, whether it has accident damage or anything else you have posted. What you are simply failing to see is that I was looking for a car with a larger engine because that was my personal preference. Whether a car fitted with a smaller engine will still do the job has nothing at all to do with my issue. I was told by the sales staff that this particular car had an engine that had the same (if not more) performance as well as better economy tha
  3. Hi, I visited my local Leeds Carcraft showroom on Sat 7th May with the intention of looking for a large estate type car my first choice was an Audi A6 2.7ltr or 3.0ltr version, if none were available I would have considerd the BMW or Mercedes alternatives. As it happens there was a black "08" plated Audi A6 Avant there. It had no price tag in the window, no specification sheet and it didn't have a badge on the back to indicate it's engine size. I asked the salesman (Wayne Ellis) what engine it had in it and he said he didn't know but would go find out. When he came back he to
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