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  1. I think it's more the fact that the car basically cuts out and goes in to a safe mode, which then causes the EML to come on, which I think is more substantial than just a light coming on. From reading through forums where people have had the same problem, the list of causes for this fault is endless. From my point of view, if I'd have seen the service history beforehand, which I now know contains failed MOT tests for exhaust related problems, I probably wouldn't have gone through with the purchase. I spoke to the seller about a week ago and he basically pushed towards the warranty
  2. Think I mentioned all that in original post. Would just like to know if this can be seen as mis-sold, i.e. selling me a car based on advertising a FSH, whereas I probably wouldn't have gone for it if it hadn't been advertised with it. Yes, you can say that I wasn't actually given it when picking the car up, but that surely doesn't deflect the false advertising. TBH, I'd like a refund, if not, then him fixing the car, which could take ages...
  3. Oh I see. I think the fact that he told me when he sold the car that he'd forward on the manual and the rest of the service history, and taking away only 3 MOT certificates from 1999, means he shouldn't have advertised it with FSH. I gave him a month and then chased him up and he basically told me that he can't get hold of it. Thanks for advice and will see what TS have to say. I'd like to know what my rights are before contacting him.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Just wondering what the relevance of him buying it an auction, i.e. how would that effect him stating it has a FSH on his advert? Does that give him some sort of leaway, as surely he has still falsely advertised it? I will contact trading standards at earliest opportunity to seek advice.
  5. Hello Bought a Vauxhall Frontera (Diesel) from a second hand dealer approx 2 months ago - T reg, 109k on clock. Have just started having problems with it, Engine management light comes on and it goes in to 'limp mode', i.e. doesn't let you go above 40mph when going over 3k revs - normally going up a hill. The car was advertised with Full service history, which wasn't given to us at the time but the dealer said he would chase up and forward on. I hadn't received anything after a month and called him to chase up, he said he couldn't get in touch with previous owners and basically sai
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