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  1. Good morning, No not had anything back from VCS, I can’t find anything on planning permission, not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, I know I’ve used that car park on and off for at least the last ten years. I’ll just have to sit tight until February I think that’s the date they have until to pay for the court case. Anyway I will keep my fingers crossed that I return home to another letter. I do have a feeling that I will end up going to court though, I’ve read a few cases that have lost similar to mine as it’s the drivers responsibility to make sure the
  2. Good morning, Thank you all so much. i couldn’t have done it without your help and advice. I probably would have suck my head in the sand and prayed it would go away. Im going to ring the court when I get to work. Will confirm later today. Happy Tuesday
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any advice re the above.? Please? Thank you you in advance. J
  4. Hi All at CAG, Updating you all on the Excel Parking Services PCN I got home to a letter from Excel Parking Services, The case has been dropped Get in !! Result !! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP, SUPPORT AND ADVICE I am most definitely donating to CAG.
  5. Hello, Thank you for replies. I will upload the CPR letter I sent on 10th October to VCS. I will also upload my witness statement, sent 21/10/19 Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. VCS-CPR Request.pdf VCS-Witness Statement.pdf
  6. Hi Yes I got them both sent off on the 21st October, sent recorded delivery, I have proof of delivery and signatures. So failure to comply with the directions may result in the case having to be adjourned and the party at fault having to pay costs? I know I sound like an airhead, but I feel like I'm doing it all wrong, and I've given them all them all they need to know, its left me wide open to get made a fool of.
  7. I thought that they had to provide the information that I have requested, and also provide me and the court with a copy of their witness statement? Does that mean if/when my court date arrives I will have to go without knowing what they are going to say? J
  8. Hi & Good morning, I sent the CPR letter, I sent my witness statement to VCR & Manchester County Court, I haven’t received anything back from VCS nothing not even the information that I have requested, is this good or bad news? I was of the understanding that they had to provide me with the information that I have requested and a copy of their witness statement? J
  9. Hi & Good morning, I've sent my witness statement to Excel & Manchester County Court; I haven’t received anything from Excel, not even any of the information I requested from them, is this good or bad news? J
  10. Hi, That’s good news. I thought the same, but just wanted to confirm. I didn’t want it to be something that could go against me in court i. e. we sent the defendant a letter offering to settle out of court. As it says the court would rather both parties tried to come to an agreement of settlement without going to court. thank you J
  11. Good morning friends, thank you you for the info. Just a quick question, do I have/need to acknowledge receipt of the letter to settle out of court? And if so, do I just write back saying thanks but no thanks? J
  12. Hi dx100uk I thought so, as you said the same last night Yes I sent them last night, Thank you for the kick up the #** I needed Im just freaking out a little bit, I don’t understand why they are bombarding me with both PCNS as I haven’t had anything from Excel II need to get my statements done ASAP (as I’ve got 2 to do) Oh Lucky me...........
  13. 52 Hi me again, Just got home to a letter from Excel Parking Dear Sir/Madam, RE: (claim number) Excel Parking Services v my name We write regarding the above claim. This matter has now proceeded to the small claims track the directions have been set by the district judge. We are confident that we have a strong case against you and we are entitled to recover the outstanding parking charge notice and any additional costs, as set out in
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