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  1. They don't question that do they? They obviously need to see my monthly income and outgoing so I was thinking of just putting a black line through the rest. I just don't want to get in trouble for doing so??? Do u know where the actual guidance for that came from? Thanks for help.
  2. Hi I'm just wondering, I'm sure I read somewhere on here that if u have to send bank statement to hmrc u can black out anything not related to what they're looking for??? Is that true??? I have to send mine off to them by the end of the month and was going to black out everything apart from obviously my direct debits etc which is what they're wanting to see? Any advice is appreciated Thanks
  3. Hi I'm just wondering if you rang and what the outcome was? I am in exactly the same position as you and I'm ill with worry about it. I can't believe I have been so stupid. I've got until the end of the month to get all the info they've requested back to them.... I'm worried that they'll investigate further years though once they've received the info I submit for the year the are questioning. I've got visions of ending up in prison I'm too afraid to ring them too cos I will end up in tears on the phone in so embarrassed by the fact I've even done what I've done. Good luck, le
  4. Hi Just looking for some advice please. I am wondering if I have a case for sueing my surgery. Three times now they have diagnosed my child with a viral infection and three times I have ended up at either out of hours and more recently ended up in hospital with her for three days. The first time they said it was viral and I ended up at out of hours surgey where they diagnosed her with tonsilletis, the second time they said viral again and I again ended up at out of hours after she suffered all weekend only to find that she had a water infection and more recently - again
  5. Hi Thanks for your reply. I wouldn't say that I was treated Immediately - it was about 8 hours after giving birth when I was about to be discharged that they noticed I had a retained placenta from the amount of bleeding I suffered. I have rang PALS and spoken to them and have to ring back to speak to someone again on Tuesday. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi Bet you are relieved.... Just wondering have you had any other letters from them and any of the information that you sent them back yet or is it just the award notice you have received? I received my award notice and sent my information to them back in June - But still haven't received any of my paperwork back that I sent to them or a letter from the compliance officer = so I don't know whether they have finished their enquiry or not - I assume from receiving the award notice detailing the overpayment that they have???/ Glad you got yours sorted....
  7. Hi Just looking for some advice and wondering if I have valid grounds to complain and claim compensation. I gave birth to my child just under 2 years ago and after having him they told me I was fine to go home the same day. I was due to go home at about 7 that evening and when I got up to get ready to go i was bleeding heavily and had blood clots also. I called the nurse to help and she told me I wouldn't be able to go home and was being kept in. I was then put on a drip to stop the bleeding and they examined me etc then I was told I had a retained placenta and if the bleedi
  8. It's 10% but I haven't received any info about a penalty or anything! This is the thing that is worrying me - all I have received is an up to date award notice.... none of my info back and no letter to say the enquiry is finished even though in the initial letter I had from the compliance team it stated when she'd finished her enquiry she would write to me
  9. Hi No don't mind u asking at all - they have deducted about £30 a week I think.... so not too bad considering I owe £2800 - i think it will be carried over to next tax year too.... Maybe I will ring on Monday - no harm just asking where my documents are really is there? I just don't want to be questioned by them over the phone - was in a right state over the whole thing when I received the compliance letter and had many sleepless nights and I do not want to go through that ever again.
  10. Hi THanks for your reply..... I'm hoping it has been sorted and finalised and assume that it has due to me having a final award notice sent for last year detailing my overpayment and a new current year award notice - I'm just terrified to ring - I couldn't ring them when they first wrote to me and done everything in writing - but I do need the stuff back as I sent my original documents including my company certificate of incorporation and childcare receipts and also invoices and receipts for work done so I will need these all back to complete my tax return - maybe I will drop her another
  11. Hi Just looking for some further advice - i did post previously to ask but haven't had any replies..... I sent all my information off and have recieved an up todate award notice stating my overpayment and my current amounts so from that I have assumed my enquiry is finalised however in the intial letter I had from the compliance officer she stated that she would write to me when she had finished her enquiry with her decision and would return my documents i.e childcare receipts etc... I have not had these back yet and it is almost 2 months ago since I sent them to her (i'm assuming
  12. Hi I haven't received a letter from the compliance officer yet who I sent my information to but I have received an up to date award notice which states they have reduced my payments and my overpayment is £2800, was expecting the overpayment to be much higher than this.... so am relieved..... Should I expect a letter back from the compliance officer - on the initial letter she sent me it did say that once she'd finished her enquiry she would return my documents that I sent back to me.... but I haven't had anything from compliance just an award notice. Glad you got yours sorted.
  13. Hi Joanne1975 - such a relief to hear from someone who has been through this and get to know the outcome - my tax credit claim is in the middle of a review - I have sent them the information they requested and owned up to claiming more than I should have but that was three weeks ago and to date I still haven't heard back from them.... How long did it take for them to reply? I want to ring them but am terrified so have just done everything in writing so far. Have in-boxed you with more information
  14. Hi I sent my info back to them about 12 days ago now and owned up completely to claiming more than I should've but I haven't received a reply from them yet. I'm still worried about ti - but not as worried as I was when they first sent me a letter. Have felt better since I replied owning up I'm just hoping that all they will do is send me a letter stating my overpayment amount with a penalty and then I can arrange to pay it all back - I think my overpayment will be a great deal more than yours. As soon as I hear back from them I will put a post on here to let you know th
  15. Hi I sent my information to them last week but haven't heard from them yet and they are still paying me at the moment. I did put with the letter a list of changes i needed to be made to my claim for it to be correct and sent my renewal pack with it. I am too scared to ring and speak to anyone as I know I will end up in tears - saying that I do feel much better now that I have sent the information and owned up - I'm just hoping that they go easy on me - I know what I have done is wrong I just hope that they will make me pay back anything extra that I've had and wasn't entitled to -
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