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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I thought all these cases etc were stopped until after the OFT test case. I had a letter several Months back saying its all on hold now until after the case and was given one last chance to accept their offer, which I turned down. Am I meant to be doing anything as people still seem to be going ahead with it all. thanks again.
  3. Has anyone used the above company at I unfortunately used them as I was so tied up with family issues at the time so could not spend time worrying about claiming my charges and thought this was an easier way to get the process done. Ok they take 25% of the claim but as my claim was way over the £5K I can claim through small claims court I decided I still wouldnt be loosing out. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone here has used them and how they are getting on as I just dont seem to be getting anywhere, its now been over 6 Months and all ive had is 1 offer from the bank for
  4. Ive had a phone call from a company called Bank Charges Specialist asking about charges and saying they do all the work for you for a 25% cut of your winnings and they operate on a no win no fee basis. Does anyone know anything about companies now offering to do all the leg work for you? cheers
  5. ok not been doing anything for awhile as am abit skint but still in the front of my mind. Anyway the Woolwich sent me a standard letter saying we'll get back to you, which i obviously ignored and now the date has come when they said they would respond by and have sent me another letter basically saying their terms are legal, we signed a contract blah blah and sorry were not happy howeve as a gesture of good will they will refund me £120 of the £6K the owe (damn insult) and as we have an OD limit of £750 and were currently £500 OD they are reducing my OD limit immediately to £200. Looks l
  6. Lobster, great news, hope you get it all sorted soon! Can I ask what is all this disclosure and fast track stuff, whats it mean as im about to fill in the Money Claim part of my claim in a few days so would be interested to know what you are all talking about. Also I didnt think you were alowed to claim any more than £5K other wise you cant do it through small claims, mine is £6.5K and was thinking I would just have to loose £1.5K to make it under the £5K mark so am interested to hear about that aswell. Good luck, lets all get our money back!!! Technium
  7. Hi Rascal ive been reading this thread, good luck with this, and try not to worry its not good for the baby so relax and just go with the flow everyone heres on your side. You will probably find Woolwich file their defence on the last day leaving it to the last minute means they are hoping you fold before they do plus just think of the extra interest they are earning off your money by holding it that bit longer. Reading alot of threads no one has ever gone to court yet with woolwich so im sure you're be fine, im waiting for woolwich to get back to me and its annoying but just think
  8. ok 14 days are up so now sending 2nd letter "letter before action" tomorrow so see what happens after this one then. cheers
  9. Ok got a letter this morning (26th) stating some guy called Mike Brophy - Head of Customer Relations is dealing with this and aims to contact me again by 19th September. This date is obviously passed the 14 days I gave them, do I take it that after 14 days I send them the 2nd letter or just sit and wait until they get back to me? cheers
  10. Ok finally got round to sorting this out, have sent the first letter asking for payment of £6235 not including 8% interest. I have enclosed a detailed list of dates which the charges were applied, how much for and what type i.e Unpaid DD etc etc so is that it now, just sit and wait???
  11. Oblong, your court date was today wasnt it, hows things going as have been monitoring this one and an update would be great mate. good luck cheers
  12. Still not done this yet, keep putting it off but must really sort it. When sending the letter saying you charged me x amount and I want it back do I provide all the details ie list of charges and dates or do I leave it for them to research it? thanks
  13. I really cant see how to work this out, this is the figures 2005 - £90 2004 - £90 2003 - £1710 2002 - £1587 2001 - £2285 2000 - £611 The above figures are charges not including overdraft fees or charges and not including any interest. As these are the same account number under two addresses I dont think I can claim for each address seperately which means claiming a certain amount of years back but I just dont know how to do it to get it close to the £5 mark without going over but I want to get as much back as I can. Any mods who could advise? thanks in advanc
  14. Hi Mate yes its the same account number so what I think I will have to do is just claim back 3 years or 4 years or something so the total doesnt exceed the £5k. Just hope I win, ive not seen many reports of people winning on here unless its small amounts so its going to be interesting.
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