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  1. my mom has been off sick for a year but was still employed by the company whilst recieving ESA. The company have gone into administration and have sent her a form to claim redundancy but the accompanying letter told her not to apply for holiday pay on the form that holiday pay would be still paid by the company and would be paid in march's payroll. She received a blank payslip followed by her p45 at the end of march. Is she entitled to any holiday pay??
  2. my sister has worked for a legal firm for 4 years, has trained through the firm to get to executive conveyancer. Throughout this time she has suffered with ulcerative colitis a dehabilitating illness which has progressively got worse over the years (she has had the condition for 8 years and the firm were well aware of the illness when she was hired). As such she has had to have large quantities of time off sick (most of which has been covered by the firm using her holiday to cover it) The firm decided that because of her time off work that they would need to hire a locum to cover her when s
  3. Dell have called me back this morning and told us that they are initiating a tracer on the package that will take 8 days, but on the 25th UPS told us that they had already started the tracer and it would take eight days from then (and this shows on UPS tracking system on the internet) When I tried to argue this with Dell they were having none of it and say that they are doing it from today. I asked to spk with a supervisor and tried to explain the problems i have experienced and also told them about the amount of time and money i have spent on phone calls. They say they do not have to reimb
  4. this is a complete joke just had a call from UPS to say they think that the phone has gone to o2 and by the way are we sure that we dont have it!!!!!
  5. Dell computers were sending us a new Dell Streak mobile phone as we had had endless problems with o2 repairing the phone and had gone directly to Dell who assured us that if we sent the phone to them then they would get a new one sent to us. UPS collected the phone and it got there fine. The new one was sent out and they had tried to deliver it to us twice but we were out and the card put through the door said they would deliver the day after. I waited in all that day and and in the evening I contacted them asking where it was. I was told they would contact the driver but it would probably
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