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  1. i'm having problems with interparcel too. Think i'll end up taking them to small claims....charging me 11 times for one parcel resulting in 135bank charges which they refuse to pay!! THANKS!
  2. ohh thanks so much for replying so quick. I can't stop crying! I will write to them, i'm trying to find a letter template so it sounds professional...I willfight it to court, I'm on maternity leave and can't really afford £135!
  3. Hello all I'm new to this and need your help! Interparcel.com charged me 11 times for 1 parcel and this resulted in me recieving £135 in bank charges!! They say they won't give me my bank charges back as they don't cover consequential losses...spoke to consumer direct and they said I need to write to them. I don't have a clue what to put. Really can't afford to pay those bank charges and bank won't refund as it isn't their fault. I'm so worried and stressed I dont know what to do.....desperate.
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