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  1. Thanks for the information hagenuk. can you give any other advice on what I need to do when filing the claim. What documents I need. Will the court help me fill in the N1 form. do you have a link to any threads that would help me?
  2. Hi guys, i need some advice please.... I sent my LBA and got an unsatisfactory reply, basicly saying were sorry you feel the charges are un fair but tough!! So I am ready to file a claim at the court. what I need to know is how much it costs to file a claim. I dont know where my local county court is (southampton) so when I am asking to find it is it called the county court? sounds stupid of me i know but want to be sure.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the advice. The LBA states "I am very disapointed that you have failed to respond to my letter." They have responded to my letter but only to say they have recieved my complaint and that they will carry on with their investigation if they do not hear from me within the next couple of days. Do I have to change the sentence in the LBA because they have responded, although it is not a satisfactory response?
  4. Hi all. I sent my prem letter to lloyds requesting my charges back. They have sent me a letter that is just trying to put me of claiming. The address I sent the letter to is different to the address from witch I recieved this letter. Do I now send the letter before action to the original address or the new one. Original address : Customer Care Lloyds TSB 125 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 3SF Address of the reply from lloyds : lloyds tsb bank plc andover services recovery centre charlton place andover hampshire sp10 1re any advicewould be greatfully appricated, many thanks. P.S. how can I access this thread again with out having to look through the lists of threads. Am I being totaly dumb, I posted a while back but can not find it now as there have been so many threads sincs?! Thanks guys.
  5. Hi guys, I have just sent my first request letter to my bank. My girlfriend is now thinking about reclaiming charges. As well as an account with NatWest she also has a loan. If she claims the charges back will this affect the terms of her loan. Will she be asked to pay it in full, she would not be able to afford this. Can any one help, any advice please. Thanks.
  6. hey badmother, will be sending mine tomorow also. was not going to send it recorded, but will now. make sure you know they have recieved it. thanks. good luck with urs. keep me posted
  7. coo,, thanks guys for the help. I'll keep you posted:D
  8. Hi Barty, thanks for the info. I'm sending my first letter with the schedule of charges. so the Birmingham address, is that the one you sent to?
  9. hi George, Lloyds TSB. If you have the address woul be very greatfull. thanks
  10. can any one tell me the address I need to send my letter to request my charges back
  11. Hi to all, seeking a bit of advice if any one can help? Im ready to send the letter to Lloyds TSB asking for my charges to be re-funded, $1252! I have a finance deal with black horse for my car. Are they run by the same company as Lloyds TSB? Can they ask me to settle my car finance in full once I have been sucsesfull in claiming my bank charges back? I am a bit worried as I would not be able to afford this, it is the only issue stopping me sending the letter to Lloyds TSB! Can any one help? Many thanks.
  12. Hello all, I registered with the site back in june with every intention of starting my claim for the unlawfull charges to my account. I sent the letter and 10 pounds requesting statements from the past 6 years. First of all they only sent 5 years worth of statements, obviously trying to be difficult as I clearly stated 6 years! After calling them and requesting, for a second time, the full 6 years they were sent. I also recieved the charges schedule but only a handfull of the charges from my statements were listed on the schedule! Having read the guide steps and threads on the forum I know I have to now calculate what I can claim back with the excel spreadsheet. I do not have a complete schedule of all charges to my account. Can I send each statement sheet with the charge highlited instead. can any one help, many thanks:)
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