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  1. Oh no I’m sorry to hear you’re having these issues Of course - they were ‘Countrywide Conveyancing’ and the Solicitor was Helen Alkers. She did say it’s not normal company policy to go ahead with restrictions in place but she took my word for it and tbh I think they were trying to smooth over how cr3p they had been with their communication with us and their delays lol. worth a phone call though - let us know how you get on MJ regards Madge
  2. Thank you GTN we heard last night that we are exchanging today. Our solicitor has done exactly what we instructed so we are obviously thrilled. She did say that it’s not normally company policy to do it this way and they would normally redeem the debt so it really pays to get good advice (so thank you so much for this) and make it clear what you want the solicitor to do, if they won’t comply find someone who will. again thank you so so much Madge
  3. Thank you so much Andy - this is a brilliant reference as well.
  4. Hi gtn I’ve been reading through your thread 5 CCJ's+restriction k's - been paying 2 after order of sale attempts - want to moved.. NDL say i must pay them all 1st? **RESOLVED - MOVED - NONE PAID** - Page 2 - Financial Legal Issues - Consumer Action Group as we are in the same position as with a Restriction K and wanting to sell. It’s been very helpful so thank you. Only difference is, we have already sold and the sale is now held up due to the restriction raising its ugly head. I can see that you found invaluable info on the Gov U.K. website regarding jointly owned property and this is exactly what I have been looking for due to the conflicting advice surrounding this area. I would really like to send a link to my solicitor but can’t seem to find the info on gov U.K. website and wondered if you could point me in the right direction please. I’m determined this sale will go through without me having to pay this rent off thank you again Madge
  5. Great thank you so much Dx - fingers crossed she understands thanks as well for reminding me she is working for me! Sometimes we forget this don’t we. 5 CCJ's+restriction k's - been paying 2 after order of sale attempts - want to moved.. NDL say i must pay them all 1st? **RESOLVED - MOVED - NONE PAID** - Financial Legal Issues - Consumer Action Group
  6. Hi Dx Thank you for your fast reply I’m not sure I’ve blindly been paying it, we came to an agreement after the Restriction was applied. It was a loan for about 20k which half has now been paid. This is more about the restriction causing issues with the house sale I just want to be totally clued up when I speak to the Sol tomorrow, if she bothers to call me back that is. As far as I could see from other threads on here, the land registry are happy to transfer ownership as long as the debtor has been notified about the sale. The restriction does not have to be removed beforehand (I.e the debt settled). But I think I need a reference/link to this so I can send it to the solicitor. thank you Madge
  7. Hi everyone, I’ve done some searching about both on Google and through past threads but I’m so confused. Can I have some words of wisdom and experience please. I have a restriction on our property deeds (interim charging order) placed in 2010, For an old debt which is in my name only. The property is in joint names. I have been paying paying this off £100 a month since and there’s still a balance outstanding. It was shoosmiths who requested it. we have sold our house and this has now raised its ugly head. I was under the impression that a restriction K means Jack and that the sale can go through with the only requirement is that shoosmiths are told once the ale has completed. However, I’ve just been told my solicitor has contracted Alliance and Leicester about it (on 25/05) and (although this is only per the person taking the call, not the solicitor), they are waiting for a reply. My solicitor is really dreadful at communicating with me but I’m waiting for her to call me back. Can anyone advise where we stand re the restriction. I just want to know as much as I can before I speak with her and there’s so much conflicting around. For info - the wording on the title deeds is as follows: RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate, other than a disposition by the proprietor of any registered charge registered before the entry of this restriction, is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or their conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to Alliance & Leicester Personal Finance Limited at care of Shoosmiths, The Lakes, Northampton NN4 7SH, being the person with the benefit of an interim charging order on the beneficial interest of…….. made by the Burton Upon Trent County Court on…… This register contains any charges and other mat Thank you Madge
  8. Sorry dx, I wasn’t specific because we’ve been using them and are still paying the minimum amounts, so didn’t think it was relevant re them Having 6 years to do something. Really appreciate your thoughts about it and that’s made me feel so much better. I think I may start the ball rolling and get the addresses changed firstoff thanks again Madge
  9. Thanks for replying - that was what I feared and kind of expected to be honest . I’ll start by contacting the Loan and credit card companies firstoff see if they can help
  10. Hi all, I’ve read back over past posts and gained some really helpful info but our situation is a little different so I wonder if anyone has any useful info please we moved to Spain just before Brexit and got residency here, leaving with debt back in the U.K. fully intending to carry on paying what we owe and have done since . However, due to rising costs of living here in Spain we’re really struggling to keep on top of it all. I’d rather not walk away from it but 99% now feel it’s our only option. We have no assets in the U.K. but have still maintained a U.K. address (my parents address) as this is necessary for work (we work remotely for a U.K. company and it was a condition of being allowed to move here). So it’s impossible for us to give that up. If I write to all our creditors to give them our Spanish address would they still pursue us still in the U.K. I don’t want my parents to be harassed. Im Just not sure which way to go with this so any advice would be very much appreciated. My debt is 2 x loans (£7000 and £1500 2 x credits cards £4400 & £1700 and hubbies is pretty much the same amounts. TIA Madge
  11. Hi Dx, I cant open the spreadsheet 'statintsheet' I have excel on my computer but its downloading as a php file. Any ideas? Thanks Madge
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