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  1. Hi Dx, I cant open the spreadsheet 'statintsheet' I have excel on my computer but its downloading as a php file. Any ideas? Thanks Madge
  2. Oh god 'Rectums' I love it!! You have a way with words DX.
  3. Hi Andy - I've just checked on-line and it says: Your defence was submitted on 09/01/2015 at 11:37:59 Your defence was received on 09/01/2015 at 14:00:50 Restons wrote to me on 03/02/15 to say they had received the defence and they were awaiting copies of the necessary documents and will endeavour to provide them as soon as they are in receipt of the same. What now Andy? Madge
  4. Hey everyone, I've not heard a word about this and I submitted my defence on 9th Jan. How do I find out what's happened?. x
  5. Righty ho! I'm almost ready to submit my claim, I have my statements back to 2006 and I have the CIS spreadsheet V101all completed. I just wanted to check a couple of things with the experts please. I've included on the spreadsheet the following 1)Arrears monitoring fees of £45, £50 and £54.00, 2) Field Agent Fee £37.00 3) Debt Home Visit £46.00 4) Letter of formal notice fee £37.00 5) Prop inspection visit £37.00 Also what interest rate should I be using?. The mortgage was taken out at a rate of 5.9% in 2006. This changed to the based rate i
  6. Hi everyone I've only just checked back here and seen your posts following on from my last one. There aren't any charges for us to claim anyway folks - we paid on the dot every month until the agreement ran out. Then we couldn't afford to hand the car back with the excess amount they were charging and they wouldn't let us have another agreement with another car. When it got to link the only charge they popped on was the legal fees of £200.00. Thanks for raising it though Madge xx
  7. I am indeed Andy - We got to keep the car Thank you for your help everyone xx
  8. Hi guys Just to update you - We got a suspended order so we get to keep the car as long as we keep to the payments we have offered. What confuses me is that if we fail, they get the car, it doesn't mention anything about the outstanding balance. I'm beginning to think that what Jasmine said about the car being worth what we held some weight "I think your best course of action is to decide carefully if the car is worth the money left outstanding?" Not that it makes any difference really, we want to keep the car anyway Thanks everyone for your help, I'll
  9. Good Luck Pup, I'm about to do the same with Mortgages PLC. Got my list of all the transactions with the charges so just looking for the spread-sheet to pop it all on. Ill keep checking in on you to see how its going Madge x
  10. SAR to be posted tomorrow so I can start the claim for unfair charges. I have also replied to them regarding the letter they sent advising they could only set up an arrangement over the phone. Told them where to go and that I would only deal with them by phone or email and if they had any questions about my offer they could write to me about it. I also added If I haven't heard anything in 14 days I will assume that my offer has been accepted and that no further charges will be applied to my account. I'll keep you updated Madge
  11. Thank so much dx - the Mortgage is with Mortgages PLC Madge
  12. Hi all I wonder if I could ask for your advice please. I am in arrears with my mortgage and am trying to sort out making repayments towards the arrears. I have sent them a letter with a list of my expenditure and made an offer of £100.00 pcm towards them. They have replied saying they will not accept the offer until they have spoken to me on the telephone. The letter sent also said that they will continue charging me an arrears monitoring charge of £50.00 pcm. So I have a couple of questions 1) Can I reclaim these charges - they do go back a
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