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  1. Had an email from DS about the CFO debt, replied giving them all my issues, cca act 87 etc. They replied asking why my debt is in dispute with CFO. What do I tell them?
  2. Hey, any update as today I got my first DS email sayin court in 7 days etc. Was just wondering if any of you guys have had any progress?
  3. Update. 2 paid off completely 6 others on payment plan. I got a voicemail left on my home phone from 24/7 moneybox which my parents picked up. On the voicemail the member of staff reeled off a spiel about me not being in contact despite my several emails asking them not to contact me at home. Parents have hit the roof. Are they allowed to discuss personal details on a voicemail (surely on a home phone that is not allowed)?
  4. So should be be adding into my emails that now the loan term has elapsed it should only be 1 month plus interest etc? Sorry for the barrage of questions but I'm just trying to make sure I get things right.
  5. Right guys been Reading on here about cca requests quite a lot. Is it worth going down this route with any of my lenders? I've managed to set up payment plans with cash genie, Pduk, 1ml, 1st stop, speedy dosh and txt loan so far. Starting to see the light at the end of tunnel!
  6. I've had contact after defaulting 2 weeks ago off customersupport @ lendingstream.net
  7. Reported them last night. Should I copy in oft to all my future correspondance with them?
  8. Right toothfairy have been in contact as themselves and NDR. They're now saying that they'll be passing the debt over to Marshall hoares. From Reading on here it seems that they're also the same company operating under a different name. The email says they'll threaten ccj's and court etc. Has anyone had them turn up at the door yet?
  9. Phoned them once, unwilling to set up a payment plan for the amount I can pay so I've just been emailing them daily with my offer. I didn't send them cheques for the original loan as it was all done online. Can you check the stubs of your cheque book to find the numbers then call your bank and tell them the book was stolen and to cancel all cheques that haven't been paid out yet. Not sure if it will work but worth a go
  10. Hi guys, thanks for all your posts it's nice to hear from people who have been/are in the same boat. The snowballing plan sounds sillygirl but if I've already offered set amounts to the companies, will it help the situation if I then lower the amount I'm offering them? I've set up an alternative account already and changed my bank details with work etc. From Reading on here it's been said that capital finance one and toothfairyfinance are particularly hard to deal with. They've both already passed me on to a company called nothern debt recovery but on here it seems to be part of the same company? Also has anyone been taken to court by any of these companies as I'm bricking it at the thought of me in the courtroom? Spreadsheet is already set up to keep tabs on my situation. Thanks again for the support guys I've agreed plans with 1st stop, payday Uk, cash genie and 1 month loan and set standing orders up.
  11. Right been Reading threads here for a while now and thought I'd get my personal finance mess sorted seen people with various amounts of loans but think I may be the 'winner' in terms of stupidity. So here goes quick quid-£500 payday Uk-£375 payday express-£350 cash genie-£97.50 wageday advance-£162.50 wonga-£117 1st stop-£203 capital finance one-£625 tower capital-£155 lending stream £367 speed-e-loans-£ 129 24/7 moneybox-136.74 txt loan-£236 toothfairy finance-£688 uncle buck-£390 1 month loan-£292.50 speedydosh-£340 conversmoney-£126 total owed-£5312 I defaulted on all of them at the end of may and have been following the advice on here re:- email payment plans, pick up the phone when it rings etc. The plans I offered were as follows quick quid- £ 62.50 for 8 months paydayuk- £42 for 8m payday express- £35 for 10m cash genie-£19.50 for 5m wda-£16.25 for 10m wonga-£13 for 9m 1st stop-£22.50 for 9m CFO-£69.50 for 9m tower capital-£15.50 for 10m l/stream- £36.70 for 10m speed-e-loan-£12.90 for 10m 24/7-£15.22 for 9m txtloan-£29.50 for 8m toothfairy-£68.80 for 10m uncle buck-£390-£48.75 for 8m 1ml-£32.50 for 9m speedydosh-£38 for 9m conversmoney-£25.20 for 5m total of payments-£613.22 I can just afford this but means cutting on my lifestyle. the only thing I'm really worried about is that I live with my parents and was wondering if their credit rating will be affected by the defaults etc. I can't talk to them about money (previous credit card problems that I've now dealt with) so the option of taking a loan out with them is out of the question. I'd probably be thrown out the house. I can't sleep at night for worry and I've been to the doctors and I'm currently on meds for depression due to my inability to life within my means. Any help,info or support would be much appreciated as these forums are the only thing keeping me sane needless to say I don't need to be told how
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