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  1. Quick update, its now with another company as shoosmiths have given up. ignoring them seemed to work
  2. i dont know if its stat barred though, if my ex has made payments or acknowledged the debt then its not stat barred. Would they really send a court summons to an address they don't actually know if a persons living there?
  3. again ,writing to them asking enquiring if a debt is statute barred would indicate that i am aware of the debt. why would someone enquire as to a debts origins and history unless you were aware if its existence? As yet they have no proof that I have received any correspondence whatsoever. Until they start sending recorded mail, it will remain that way, I will start to write to them once this happens. The strange thing is that every debt agency that has written to me have different figures of the outstanding debt (going up and down) Surely the mortgage company would have a clear fi
  4. Is that a good idea? Wouldn't that action simply be an act of acknowledging the debt? Why would someone who didn't acknowledge a debt start asking if someone who was liable had made contact or payments?
  5. I handed the keys back to my home in 1996 and have had various debt collection agencies chasing me for 10 grand ever since. I have basically ignored all previous letters as they were DCAs. I split with my partner (joint mortgage) and we dont see each other. i dont know if she has cleared any of the original debt (or if it matters) I now have shoosmiths threatening me with legal action if i don't contact them. Do these people have any more weight than a debt collection agency or will they eventually fizzle out like the other companies? After all the other DCAs started contacting me
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