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  1. Good day to you all, I wonder whether any of you kind people assist me with a few questions concerning my pending JSA claim? A little bit of background, I am 46 and until February of this year, I was working. In February, I was lucky enough to receive a small inheritance and as such I left my zero hours job in a call centre (difficult and soul destroying) and moved to another part of the country to live with my partner. Unfortunately, the employment market was not what I expected, and whilst I have not claimed a single penny in assistance, the time is quickly approaching whereby
  2. Sorry, to trouble you but can anybody help me with the following? My daughter was awarded DLA last year with the payment being made to my wife in September 2010 [backdated to May] A matter of days after receiving almost £2000 my wife left me leaving me with our daughter. I eventually managed to get the child tax credits and child benefit transferred to me [supported by a letter signed by my wife confirming that i had sole custody of our daughter] and I eventually received payment in December backdated to November. According to my wife the lat DLA payment she received was in
  3. Ell - enn, Thank you very much for your prompt response. I do not have a printer so I will have to write the letter/budget sheet in long hand. A couple of pointers please - should I apologise to them and explain to them the position with my daughter - I know its a bit of a sob story but it is the truth? With regard to the DWP, it all relates to my daughters DLA payment. I apoloigise if i shouldn't post the circumtances here....... My daughter was awarded DLA last year with the payment being made to my wife in September 2010 [backdated to May] A matter of days afte
  4. Dear All, I am sorry to ask for help and guidance but i need assistance urgently. In March 2007, Halifax obtained a suspended possession order against me. I made the agreed payments and about a year later they capitalised the arrears. In September last year my left me without any warning leaving me with our disabled daughter. 60% of the household income gone in a flash. I spoke to my lender and it was agreed that i pay £50 per month until tax credits etc were sorted out. Tax credits etc eventually sorted out in January this year but by the time I had paid the Gas/
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