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  1. Emmzzi, at no point have I said I am going to tell the Md what to do, I am simply having a meeting to find out what he is going to do about the situation as we are working in an ever worsening situation I have stated facts, all staff members have now written to the Md clarifying what is happening within the company. Each employee has kept records of events, we are in no way emotional, weak or underperformers. With regard to your comments that "I would be first to go", you are obviously an autocratic person who wouldn't even listen to his staff. The trick of a good Md is to listen to
  2. Thanks for all the replies they are much appreciated. My original question was, can the manager be either asked to resign or can he be sacked for gross misconduct. The last thing we would want to happen is for the Md (owner) is to have to pay out for wrongful dismissal. Below is a list of the managers actions. Constantly picking on two staff in particular at every opportunity. (both excellent dedicated workers) Blaming others for all his mistakes. Telling staff off in front of other staff members and customers. (this constitutes gross misconduct in our work handbook) Tel
  3. Thanks for the reply: Just to clarify what is happening. The company employs 6 people 4 of whom are controlled by the manager each of these employees is suffering as a result of harassment or bullying either directly or indirectly. None of the employees are under performing in any way, the only person not achieving anything is the manager who lacks any business acumen. I am in no way sensative or weak and am regarded by the MD as a key employee. I am speaking for all the employees who are being bullied I do not believe it is acceptable for a manager to blame others for his own ineptitude.
  4. Hi, can a manager be asked to either resign or be sacked for continual harassment, victimisation and bullying of staff. The bullying and victimisation is being done by the manager in front of other staff members and customers of the company. This is not being done in front of the MD who I have written to and await his reply due to be given in a face to face meeting. Does the managers actions constitute gross misconduct and would he have any claim against the company in the event of him being asked to resign? This has been going on for some time now and is getting worse due to the fact that t
  5. I am working in a stressed office/business environment the manager is constantly criticising staff members for all problems that arise in the company which are mainly due to his own lack of managerial talent. While the criticism is not directly aimed at me face to face it is done behind my back. I have to listen to constant criticism of my colleagues who are all competent and hard working people. I am becoming seriously depressed and stressed due to this plus the added pressure of staff shortages. Would this count as a case of constructive dismissal or should I sue them for failing to protec
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