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  1. Thanks, I have spoken to a legal advice person and they have suggested the SAR route, so I shall post my letter tomorrow, thanks for your advise
  2. Hi I have recently made a claim, for a fridge freezer, 2 weeks before Christmas and it took ages just to get an engineer out. I was frequently told different information each time I phoned which was many, many times, sometimes i was told some one would be out tomorrow. On the last time I phoned a chap told me that my claim had not even been looked at so no one would be coming, at this point I asked to speak to a supervisor especially as the chap I was talking to told me to 'do whatever I liked' when I suggested that I wished I had been insured with someone else. He said that there was no one a
  3. thank you, it has been a long journey, but very worth while and satisfying. Couldn't have done it without this forum.
  4. :) Hi, all just to let you know, I had offers for all 4 of my claims 2 days before court, I still went as I had asked for cheques, the Judge ordered that the case be left open and that I could return at any time, should the payment not be recieved. Got all the monies, in full, refused to sign the confidentiality bit, and the donation to this site is on it's way. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. Good luck to every one fighting the banks. I am going to take on the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Funding Corp now. Maria
  5. Hi, got 2 of my 4 claims paid today, so when the cheque clears, (got it specialed) I will ask the mods to move to successful claim and make a donation to this great site. Still waiting for barclaycard and monument to pay me as promised, we'll see. If payment arrives tomorrow, all well and good, but my post doesn't come until 12.30 and my court case is at 14.00 on Friday, that is my day off and I intend to go shopping in the morning. I am not sitting in just in case the cheque is in the post. It is not my fault good old barclays left it this late to pay out, especially when they know what the
  6. I think they do think that we will go away, it is the only reason I can think that they do this. I got a cheque for 2 of my claims today and have put that through as special clearance, but my other 2 cheques are coming direct from Barclaycard and monument, (4 claims in total) I have been told that these have been ordered, I will go to court if they don't come and I don't have time to clear them. I will keep you posted.
  7. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/78871-successful-claimants-warning.html?highlight=N244 Hi, Julie checkout this link, don't be tempted to take shortcuts, they have been known to back out.
  8. Hi, Julie, good to see you are still at it, well done. Yes, carry on with the court bundle, I spent nearly 2 days and 2 ink cartridges, scanning and printing, now Barclays have settled today, my court case is this Friday, I emailed my acceptance letters today and they phoned me to say they are special delivering my cheques today, so that I get them tomorrow. However the nice man at Barclays said that 2 of my 4 claims would be coming directly from him, but the remaining 2 need to come straight from Barclaycard and Monument and I may not receive them by Friday, so if that is the case I am still
  9. Hi, my court case is this Friday and Barclays have today agreed to pay up, my cheques should be with me by tomorrow lunch, (if not I am going to court). However I have re-read the defence they put on thier reply to my claim and it is very similar to yours, rightly or wrongly I ignored it and just kept going with my claim and finally I have arrived at the winning post, they emailed me my letter today which I signed and faxed back. I think this may be a standard defence and is mainly legaleese jargon, don't worry keep going as basically they have no real defence, they have been acting unlawfuly
  10. Yes, I could not agree more, we are at opposite ends of the fight. today, having taken 6 months, Barclays are sending me my cheques, for 4 accounts/claims. My court case is this Friday, so they do go to the 11th hour, but they know they are wrong. Well done with the Halifax and good luck with Barclays.
  11. thanks. I phoned Thomas this morning and said that I cannot accept the offer they have made, we quickly agreed a figure that is close to what I am claiming, as my claims are 4 separate ones, 2 with Barclays, 1 barclaycard and 1 monument, he said that he can special delivery the 2 big ones for barclays, so that should be with me by tomorrow lunch, i am going to get overnight clearance on the cheques and hand deliver to the court cancelling the hearing for friday,on clearance, however, the smaller 2 have to come directly from barclaycard and monument, Thomas said he has no control over these,
  12. Sorry, but as my court date is so close, I was hoping for some support and my current thread title does not attract readers, I bumped it up a few times,but still no one responded, the title 'court Friday 13th' did attract some answers, I don't know how to change my thread title, is this possible?
  13. wow, thanks very much, I wouldn't have thought that. I will ask my husband to ask the bank to do a special clearance on it, otherwise I will definetly be going to court on Friday, I will explain to the judge that Barclays have failed to deliver in other cases, so I need the reasurance of a judgement.
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