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  1. Cap 1 have defaulted me, even though the account is in dispute. Im going to write to them and give them 7 more days to repay all my unlawful charges and now to remove the default notice as well.
  2. It shouldnt take long now, can anyone who has won their claim let sezj127 know how long it takes, Im not that advanced with barclaycard still doing business with cap 1
  3. martinhw I see that your compoundsheet is for bank accounts only. Do you have one for credit cards? If so, please can you tell me where to find it Thanks
  4. Ive calculated my apr with ukaviator formula on post 10, and im getting a apr of 49%. Can this be right! it seems alot to me, as other people seem to be coming up with about 29-31%
  5. Thanks for all the advise everyone, I think I will send a new LBA Letter and spreadsheet showing the new amendments, as syrill-sneer did. Thankyou one and all.
  6. Could someone please tell me if its too late to claim for contractual interest, I have already sent my LBA letter off without it (was going to claim the 8% at the MCOL/N1 stage but thought sod it). Any advise please as Im about to put my claim through.
  7. Well done quinny1 thats great news. Im saving up at the moment so that i can submit my MCOL. My claim is for about £6500. We started at about the same time, and knowing that you have a big fat cheque in your posession gives me more determination to save that little bit harder.
  8. That sticky relates to march 2006, I wouldnt worry about it. Claim for the whole amount. Im just about to claim for £1200 been waiting for payday.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS and Please please keep on visiting the site as all your knowledge and advise would be greatly appreciated. Ive got my statements and having a quick glance at them its looking at about £9000 and thats without interest.
  10. Im still waiting for mine. Cannot get my head around the bit that says that your statements are in the post, but take up to 1 month for them to be delivered? Is there a postal strike on! or is she talking c**p. Still, at least you have received some of your charges back.
  11. Sent my CCA request back in September. Had nothing back at all. Just lately been getting phone calls (when Im at work) waiting for them to phone when Im in, should be an interesting conversation!
  12. Barclaycard have been told that the Microfiche filing system is a relevent one, so they do have to supply you with all information requested under your S.A.R request. I had the same problem as you and have now just sent them a letter requesting that they comply with my DPA (SAR) letter and compensate me for all the trouble.!
  13. Whats the matter with you two? Cold, You should come down south its nice and fresh here!
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