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  1. Hello Friends who responded to my post re:-Probation Period Failure and Thankyou so much,for your sympathetic response to this difficulty.The issue has forced me to be absent through sickness and I expect the company to await my return,before they hold this 'drumhead' court marshal.My final question is:-Would it be wise, while off sick, to respond to the letter with a counter grievance,by post to the company HR....or would you council against this?I would obviously stick to the points raised with my grievance letter and compose this carefully,but is the concensus view that I would,in any case
  2. Hello Friends, I joined a motor vehicle parts ditribution company as a Branch manager at the end of January 2011,my contract stating that I would be on 6 months probation.The employment carried with it an obligation by the company to undertake my full training.Unfortunately,the real record of a structured training plan has never actually been organised,the branch (and my supposed training) having come under another Branch manager,who has spent an average of one day per week in my branch,supposedly giving me training,in accordance with a training agenda (a formalised training list of responsi
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