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  1. Hello. Was just sending you a message when your reply came through - I have had some good news. I had previously called Northern Rock's solicitors (Waller's) to query the type of possession order they had. I then called and asked them to send me a copy of the possession order on their files as Northern Rock are disputing it. They asked why and I told them I was going to court as I had no other option to stop the repossession. Wallers have just called back and said they have spoken to Northern Rock and the eviction has been cancelled! This is due to the error on Northern Rock's part (
  2. Hello Ell-enn (or anyone else who can help) As advised, I am now in receipt of a letter from the mortgage holder (my mother) whichexplains her absence and my involvement. I also have a scanned copy of her passport. I am now in the process of filling the N244 form for submission hopefully today. I however need so me help as I am not sure how to answer some of the questions. Q3. Am I asking for a judgement to be set aside? Q4. What is a draft of an order? Q5. My mother is in South Africa dealing with a family emergency. We have no date at present of when she will be back. What is t
  3. Thank so much for the advice. Will get on it tonight and hopefully get everything together tommorrow. Thank you again.
  4. Thank you for the quick response. I have downloaded the form and sent it to her. Might ask her to print and sign before scanning and emailing back to me - is this acceptable to a court? Also, due to the limited time, is there a time limit for sunmission of these forms? Most importantly, do we stand a chance with the above scenerio? Sorry for the million questions and thank you for your help!
  5. Hello all. Hope someone can help me on the way forward in this case as time is running out. My mother has arrears on her mortgage with Northern Rock and went to court where Northern Rock secured a suspended repossesion order on the property. The agreement was that the arrear would be respread over the remaining 15 years of the mortgage agreement and payment would be £890.50. This was in February 2011. Payment has been maintain without a problem however my mother decided to be sure of no missed payments she would set up a standing order for the amount evry month. This was effecte
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