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  1. Hi. I am having problems with Halifax and a debt on my account, I have a £100 overdraft on an account I hold with them. It all started last year when I relocated and ended up in a lower paid job so have a very minimal income at the moment. Obviously having to go into my overdraft on numerous occasions to get by from day to day they have a charge of £1 per day in order to use this facility. So with those charges in place my money whittled away very quickly and before not too long the bank charges they were charging me was sending me over my overdraft limit to which they charge me £5 a day to use. Things since then have escalated significantly and now my bank account is in £500 of debt still getting charged £5 a day for been in this and I can not afford to keep up with which is getting worse and worse each month, to which I have now received a letter stating that if I have not paid them back the full amount by 17/06/2011 that they will be taking legal procedures against me. Now I am awfully lost and have tried the debt advice line and not got alot of help from them. I am no longer using this bank account due to the fees that they were charging me been too much, so have opened a new bank account with no overdraft or charges in place. All in all I could do with abit of friendly advice as to how to approach the bank, if there is anything I can do or where I stand in my rights really. Thanks in advance John
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