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  1. Hi, thanks for your promt response, I dont think im under Investivation yet but I will be soon if Just had enough and know Ive gotta come clean it helped me out alot the money with debts and making me feel better but its stealing and thats not me
  2. Hi I have been receiving housing benefit/council tax beneit and disability living allowance for about 2 years. Anyways I decided that sitting at home getting even more depressed was not doin me any good, so I started work 6 months ago, I rang Employment support allowance to inform them of change in circumstances and they also said they would inform Housing, anyways they are still paying me 6 months on and I have got greedy and being spending it, its helped my depression anyways, not a reason or an excuse I know what I have done is wrong, the point I am trying to make is how to I stop it now and what will happen, I will owe about £7000 and I know I will have to pay it back, Im not working on the side I gave my employmer my p45 etc and national insurance number so im not hiding the fact I work, but it cant carry on im gonna end up owing a fortune. I do have proof on my fone that I mad a call but they will say I could of been calling them for anything, I dont have to send medical certs in as I am on the higher rate of Employment support allownace as I won my case. Nver done anything in my life, never seen the inside of a court or cell, going out my mind now GUILT and Scared is what is happening now
  3. Hi, they said they cant accept my payment plan ie £10.00 per month cause it would take 20 months, they need it paying over 6mths, so they said I need to get in touch with CAB and get a ref of them
  4. I received a call last night from Barclays Bank about my £400.00 overdraft, I advised I could only afford to pay £10.00 per month, they said I need to go to CAB and get a refernece number from them within 14 and than call Barclays Bank back with this number, If I dont it will be passed on to a debt collection agency who will come my house, is this correct do I need to go CAB than???
  5. Hi, yes my first offence, never been in trouble b4 ever, always been honest, Just got sucked in by the money going in my account all the time and Ive spent it paid it on debts but they wont see it like that
  6. Hi, I have foolishly started work about 3 mths ago and I carried on receiving housing benefit and ESA I did ring them to say I had started work but they still keep putting money in my bank each week etc, I am in quite alot of debt so with the money they are still paying me Im paying it off my debts, I know this is wrong and I am going to have to pay the benefit overpayment back, but If I have rang them and told them I started work and ive got proof I rang on my phone bill, will I go to prison or be sentced to fraud or will I just pay the money back, its about £4,000, I was desperate and I know ive done wrong beleive me it scars me every time the door bell rings
  7. Hi Codedog, I havent heard of them thats why I forgot to negotiaite pay with them, had nothing from Robinson Way never heard of them until 2 hrs ago when got the phone call at work, even studio didnt know where I worked as ive literally just sarted 3wks ago
  8. Thanks for your help guys, I have changed my settings on facebook alot more private, I thought they may of gone thru my bin at home and found something to do with where I work, going to be more carefull in future, not got a problem paying it, but do not want my boss knowing especially with me only been there 3 wks
  9. Hi Codedog, they said it was a personal call, than when I answered they said is that claire, my boss had already said to them I will put u thru to her, they than asked my d.o.b and address, how have they found out where I work tho thats whats worrying Ive just started 3 wks ago, my mates dont even know where I work I dont tell anyone anything
  10. I feel sick and burst out crying, Ive just got a phone call off robinson way about studio 24, I completly forgot all about this debt as its been about 8mths, anyway they have called me at work How on earth have they found out where I work, Ive only been here 3wks and my boss answered the phone, I burst into tears and he was listening to the conversation I had has only me and him in office
  11. Hi, Im unsure about what to do next shall I call Debtline and seek their advice, also my car is Y reg focus about £1,000 would they take that off me I need it to get to work no bus route, also if in future just say I got a pay rise would I need to tell them etc and how would that work, just thinking about all possibilities etc b4 taking further steps
  12. Hi I have been on debtline website and looking at DRO my quesion is I have an income of £1200 per month outogings including rent, food, gas etc are about £1150 so im left with £50 per month spare, would they ask me to move into a smaller house or flat so my rent is not as much each month instead of my getting a DRO sounds a silly quesion but they made do, my rent is £500 and council tax is £80
  13. Hi the lenders are Quick Quid, Wage Day Advance and 24/7 money box, I only got these loans 4wks ago and payment is now due, the reason I have not got the money me and my partner have split up so now I have to pay full for rent etc instead of half
  14. Just received and email from payday company stating they can not arrange a payment plan as I am not in default yet, what do I have to do to be able to arrange a payment plan etc, do I leave it and wait for it to be passed onto a DCA unsure never been in this situation b4
  15. Hi Everyone, ive come to the conclusion that im 31 yrs old and I am sick to death of been afraid to answer my door incase its a debt collector, I have loads of debt with catalogues, mobile phone companies the worse thing is I dont know who half my debt it with any longer because Ive just been putting the letters in the bin, I know this cant go on any longer as Im going to be 60yrs old and still owe the debt, how can I find out who I owe debt to, Its time to brave it and come up with a repayment plan with all my debtors sick of closing living room curtains and not answering the front door
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