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  1. I've been there 16 years. So your saying if I don't work my notice they can withold my pay for that notice period.
  2. I ve got a new job to go to. Not worried about the reference. Update. They won't let me have additional days off. So I'm thinking I ll just go on sick/holiday whilst I should be at work.
  3. Looking for some advice if anyone can help Currently working my notice till the 4th Sept. I have holiday booked for the 26th,27th,28th &29th August, therefor i have to return to work for the 30th Aug, 2nd,3rd,4th Sept. ive got the potential to go on holiday during the days im supposed to be back. if i had my holidays and didnt return what can they do?
  4. The phase return was suggested and i took it. The issue is that there was nothing within the report or letter that stated i would have to work my hours back. The reson why it was suggested i do a phased return is irrelevant, surely or am i missing something.Its like me paying for car and then getting a bill 2 months later for another grand but there is nothing in the small print.I want to tell my HR manager that i am not going to work my hours back, what is the correct way to do this?Thanks in Advance
  5. Thanks for the reply.I have a copy of the report which states the phased return but there is nothing about the hours need to be worked back.There is also nothing in my contract.Its like going to buy a car and then a couple of months later they gat back in touch and say 'oh by the way you owe us another grand'Just sums the company up.Basically now i want to go into HR/Payrol and tell them i am not intending on working the hours back. Is this advisable at this stage and how should i approach this matter.Thanks in advance.C
  6. Is moving to another company not an option? Because I feel that's the only other option.
  7. I have no knowledge of the law in this aspect but to counteract what leedsboy says, there should be the same structure for all interviews, how else are they supposed to compare you with a n other. From what you say it does seem that they have some preconcieved opions of you. If you feel that you have the skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications etc for that type of role then the best thing to do is leave for company that will value you and not one that takes you for granted. Good luck
  8. Was you in the same position? did you have to work the hours back?
  9. There is nothing within my contract i was on full sick pay
  10. Hi there, looking for a bit of advice. I was recently off work for 3 months due to some personal problems. I was in contact with work throughout about coming back to work when they eventually sent a Occupational Heath Nurse to my house to asses me. She recommend that i return to work on a 'short phase return'. which i was willing and happy about. Week 1 - 4 hours per week Week 2 - 6 hours per week Week 3 - 8 hours per week (normal) A couple of months after starting back i was asked into the office by HR. Where they stated i owed the hours back due to the short phase return.
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