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  1. Thank you, I hope you are right! I have read some stuff on these forums about how people have arranged to pay a fraction of the amount requested with RLP and got RLP to confirm they will not recored their details on this database. I am now considering writing to RLP and stating that my payment was in no way an admission of guilt and to ask (or tell?) them not to put me on this database. However, as I've already paid I don't think I have any bargaining power.
  2. I am a student currently studying law and want to be a solicitor one day. I have been so stressed out this year with the huge work load and exams and feel stressed and disorientated all the time. I have trouble sleeping because of the stress and have been taking sleeping pills to help. About a month ago I went to Superdrug to buy a lipstick for a friend's birthday. I felt woozy (possibly from the sleeping pills possibly from just stress) and I started walking out of the shop carrying the item without having paid by mistake. The security guard on the door asked me what I was doing and I in
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