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  1. Thanks honeybee13 and martin2006 for the prompt replies. That's what I thought would be the best option to ignore the letter. If I do get a claim form or any court papers, I'll drop a reply in this thread. Merry Christmas!
  2. Good morning. I have received a letter this morning from Debt Recovery Plus Limited with the heading "Letter before referral for legal action" The letter states the following: Dear Mr Client I am writing to you personally because I have been instructed by Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd to obtain immediate settlement of the outstanding balance of £160.00 Despite previous requests for payment you have either failed to respond to our letters or settle the debt. I now advise you that unless fill payment is received within the next 14 days I am instructed to report b
  3. OK that's fine, I will continue to ignore them until they send court papers or letters before action. Hopefully it doesn't come to that but we'll see what happens and i'll update this thread accordingly. Thanks so much for the information provided!
  4. Good morning. Unfortunately, on 03/10/2015 i was issued a Parking Charge Notice by Parking Control Management (UK) Limited for the sum of £60.00 whilst I was parked on a private car park. I had appealed on the grounds that the signs had been vandalised which of course was rejected by PCM and decided to follow it through with another appeal to The Independent Appeals Service and also this was dismissed. I have left it whilst seeking advice but PCM have now referred it over to Debt Recovery Plus Limited who are chasing me for the amount of £160.00 I'm not the best when it com
  5. Well if I knew that, I wouldn't be asking for help and advice. (not meaning this to come across rude, by the way) We'll just have to pay it. Thanks for the help anyways.
  6. Ok, guess we'll have to pay it... Does anyone think it's worth contesting or not?
  7. Wikipedia Definition: In London and the county of West Midlands[1] in the United Kingdom, red routes are major roads on which vehicles are not permitted to stop. The prohibition extends to stopping for loading or unloading, and to boarding or alighting from a vehicle (except for licensed taxis and the holders of blue badges).[2] Red routes are mainly used on major bus and commuting routes. Red routes are marked with red lines at the sides of the road. Double red lines mean that the regulations apply at all times and on all days. Single red lines means that the prohibition applies durin
  8. Well the observed time was 21:00 - 21:00. Would this make a difference or is it because the Red Route prohibits stopping at any time? Also, the car was not completely obstructing the footpath as it was more than 15ft wide. Obviously, were more than likely going to have to pay the fine, but do you think it will be worth contesting it?
  9. Hello A friend of mine was in Sandwell this evening parked outside a local pub. We came back to the car to find a PCN on the windscreen! The car was completely parked on the footpath, none of the wheels were touching the road at all. The code on the ticket was "Code 46 - Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway)" but the car wasn't on the road surface - Yes the road is a Red Route (Double Red Lines) and we know that you CANNOT park on the road at any time, but we're unsure if we're in the wrong or not on this one. Is this an enforceable parking ticket or an unfa
  10. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I've not reported it as of yet as it's very late and i only found out at 12am. As far as i'm aware, he also owns the shop below me. As for the chewed cables - These are my cables, not the main ones that come from the Consumer Unit. As a result of the infestation, I now have a non functioning expensive Gaming PC as the mice chewed the internal wiring in the case. I'll let you know of the outcome of the phone call tomorrow. Thanks once again, Garreh
  11. Hello Everyone. I was sitting at my Computer Desk just and I heard like a scratching noise coming from inside my computer Turned it onto it's side and there was a MOUSE sitting chewing away at the wires inside it! Not only that, but there have been another few wires damaged as a result of mice chewing on them (Eg: Ethernet Cables, Couple of Power Leads) I've found out already how they're getting into the flat (Theres a pretty big hole under the Fuse Boxes thats been left there due to an upgrade of Consumer Unit) What I need to know is: A) Is it my landlord's responsibility
  12. A: Yes, The property is in England B: No, we were not provided with an inventory, and nothing was signed in the form of an inventory C: Yes, we have paid a deposit amount of £950.00, and is protected by My|Deposits D: No E: Yes, it has a current safety inspection certificate, but there isn't one for the previous 2 years. F: 5 Tenants in total, 2 of which are named on the lease agreement, 3 of which are not. G: The Section 21 Notice was received on 19th of May 2011, but was dated the 18th of May. Possession of the property is required on the 24th July 2011. Questions required f
  13. Sorry i forgot to mention that we're currently occupying the property on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. The notice that was served to us was Section 21(4)(a) We also pay our rent on the 1st of every month but our tenancy agreement start date was 24th May 2008 Thanks for the reply!
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