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  1. G Good to see you are going for it, been following your thread since it started. Cap
  2. Hi General info/insight required for the following....... How would a mortgage company insert additional charges onto your monthly payments, if you did not opt for PPI or any other type of protection. A number of months ago my mortgage company offered a new and improved contract with lower payments, we never requested this and they contacted us, I thought this was strange at the time, they said " A loyal Customer Reward", of course we agreed to change. However, I still think something is not quite right, banks dont do this without a good reason. I am thinking of reque
  3. Hi All. Guess what, I got another ticket, parked up in same car park, obtained parking permit from homeowner, returned to car to display, the guy had not started to write ticket, placed permit in car, he started to write me up, had a heated words, followed by "if I see your car again I will clamp it".
  4. Update following telephone conversation. The payment is a gesture of good will considering how old the account is - Account started in 2004 There will be no further increase in payment unless FOS orders them to increase amount I will be paying some form of tax on the amount offered. I am sure this is standard practice and other cagers have had similair problems, any recent links of success base on the above info. Regs
  5. Update. Have received reply to my PPI Claim, they have offered 128.53 for premiums and 23.54 for compound interest. The figs quoted are no where near the interest in rest or the stat 8%, advice on how to proceed
  6. found this link and thanks for the quick reply
  7. Private Parking Contractor, VCS or Vehicle Control Limited, Top of Ticket " parking charge notice".
  8. I act as a agent for a landlord, the parking area in complex has become an enforcement area, total time at property 10 mins, I went to pickup the pack which contains parking permit and day parking passes from tenants. Returned to car as warden was writing the ticket. What now? Regards
  9. All my posted info to date is true, the only way fellowing cagers can help is by having accurate info before they respond, Since becoming a member this policy has served me well. We think they are trying it on, there reason must be incorrect as the information would have been provided by the council, the council cannot provide personal and private data to third parties because of the DPA. Also I have five other property insured by them. I could do with some more suggestions or a template letter link to a formal response within the seven days.
  10. Morning. Mr xxxxx was not named on AST and we now believe was partner to T T had rented property for 3 years, moved out four weeks ago No money ever received from LHA inrespect of Mr xxx When we re-newed contracts we never saw Mr xxxx in property Same company as bang
  11. I recently had a tenant move out, during the clean up and general repairs, I noticed fresh standing water underneath fridge, investigated, discovered hidden pipe leak behind kitchen base units. Water has seeped through the whole kitchen floor into living room lam flooring Made insurance claim, they inspected property, he said, the leak would, under normal circumstances, be hard to detect Until the floors got soaked or damaged, and agreed a claim can be made. All goes quite for two weeks, we never received an offical letter but noticed an e-mail in junk today dated 15th, (see attachme
  12. Tink you are and will be getting the correct help, its difficult to understand at first but with the help of the fan club and your research into your consumer rights, you will soon understand. I would like to offer advice, but the others are more experienced, Im a fan club cheer leader supporting the players in the great HFO game.
  13. Have received my SAR, RBS confirm the premiums will not appear on statements as it was cancelled over six years ago. I do have the original statements which cover this period, but missing the odd month. Ready to send the following off to RBS, just need it checking to see if its ok. FosCISheet v101[1].pdf rbs ppi reclaim letter.pdf
  14. Thanks DX. Q, If you were mis-sold ppi, apart from return of fees @ 8% interest, do you also expect additional compensation for miselling the product
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