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  1. Omg what an over reaction!!! They have done a temp hold on £1. It's just an authorisation and no money has actually left your account. You really need to get a grip over this. It's not theft. I wonder how you would react when something serious happened. Ps the police will laugh you out of the station Calm down otherwise you will have a heart attack
  2. Check what type it definately is. Sounds like cont based and ask them when the sanction Is to. Then apply for hardship
  3. They have to say how long its stopped for. No it won't be stopped for good. If you have paid enough ni. You need to claim income based which isn't based on ni contributions
  4. You will have to apply for the hardship payment its about 30 ow. Your housing benefit will also be stopped until your claim for hardship is sorted. How long is the sanction for?
  5. If you didn't know about the ccj then get it set aside first
  6. Baliffs can't just call , would have to go to court etc first. If any powerless debt collectors up tell them to leave immediately as they have no power, otherwise u will call the police His credit problems will have no effect on yours
  7. No.because bcw most likely don't own the debt. It will just be a standard threatening letters. He will get the " someone is coming round" letter next. If he is on jsa I doubt he can afford to make payments. He could say he is just making token £1 token payments
  8. He shouldnt ring them. No they can't just get a ccj. They are just threatening letters
  9. You say you don't hve £10 to spare but if u don't sar them then it could end up costing u more
  10. Well go down to the job centre, use their free phone and ring the bdc to ask when this so called loan was taken out etc etc
  11. I would do a subject access request to get them to prove it
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