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  1. Hi ive been trying to reclaim charges from Shop Home Direct too, but they said to me that as i was told they charge £12 per letter etc that i cannot claim. DOnt suppose you would know if they can say that do you? Thanks Becky
  2. Hi all im after some advice please, hope someone can help me. I have recently tried to reclaim charges back from Ambrose Wilson which i believe to be unlawful ie £12 per letter etc. I wrote to them asking for all my statements, which they sent once i had chased it up. Then i worked out all the charges and sent the relelvant letter back with the amount on. I have since heard nothing from them, i have had a look around on here for a follow up letter to send them but i cant find anything. Is there one here can anybody tell me? Many thanks becky
  3. Hiya thanks for the reply. So do you think it is worth me trying to appeal or not? Its all a bit confusing for me Thanks again Becky
  4. HI all just after a bit of advice please, have been trying to reclaim charges from shop direct,m had my final response from them. They said i was told of their £12 charge when i signed my agreement therefore i cant claim. I know this is a silly question but is it right that they can do that even if they told me? Does this make sense Thanks Becky
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I havent got all the statements so i will send off for the sar. Is it just the charges then that i can claim, not interest? That is still good though as i didnt think i could, i assumed if its my fault for being late then i couldnt claim
  6. Hi all, i am new on here and would like some advice please if anybody can help me. I have had lots of charges from Littlewoods & Ambrose Wilson, sometimes disguised as other company names and i am wondering if there is any chance i can try to reclaim these back? Most are late payment fees & interest which is a ridiculous amount and i see no way i will ever get them paid off, and charging for sending out 2 letters. I have had success claiming back from Welcome FInance, PPI and am currently trying to claim back from Black Horse too. But have not tried for the mail order ones ye
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