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  1. Anyone got any ideas on the above questions?
  2. I have a question regarding wills in Scotland. My father was made trustee of a will of a family friend in 1998. He has recently passed away. Since his death, another person has came forward to claim to being a trustee. However, the solicitor dealing with his estate had claimed there was no will. What steps should the solicitor be taking to check if there is indeed a will? Also. it has been brought to my fathers attention that the other supposed trustee has been sen taking items from the deceased persons home. Should he be doing this at the present moment? Also, a good friend of the now de
  3. Sorry about the duff posts. I had to get my posts up to PM!
  4. What info is it you would need Graeme? I assume my address will be one, and the name on the account as well!
  5. Thanks for getting back to me Graeme. Need to get my post count up before I can PM I think!!
  6. Both of them were SP keys. Same colour, and the previous one was still sitting in the meter. Its a housing association home, and it must have been one the workmen were using who were there before i moved in! I got my key from the housing officer when I picked up the keys for the flat!!
  7. It was a £10 top up, which would seem stupid to go to court about! I had tried to call through on the number I had for them. But I hung up after waiting for nearly 20 minutes on my mobile for an advisor!
  8. I wonder if anyone knows if a top up went onto the wrong top up key, could the money be transferred onto the proper key for a prepayment electric meter? I still have the paypoint receipt from the wrong key being topped up. I have just moved property, and the previous key had been left in the flat. Unfortunately my mum took the wrong key to top up the electric!!
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