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  1. Thanks. What worries me is the fact neither acknowledge the fact its defaulted twice and what respond i get through their emails is limited. They just point blank ignore my request for answers!
  2. Hi All, Shop Direct have sold my debt onto Lowell’s. Both have decided to default me and as such it shows up on my credit filetwice. I wrote to both, but without much luck. Shop Direct refuse to discuss it with me, as the debt now belongs to Lowell’s. Lowell’s have cancelled my payment plan (set up on direct debt) whilst theylook into it and instead send me letters demanding £87 payment when thearrangement was for £50 a month and has been paid. I can seem to get any sense out of either of them. Any advice?
  3. I just wondered, now that consumer direct is gone and the trading standardswont deal with this sort of thing (response from them is that from 2nd April it’snot there problem) how is the citizens advice bureau coping?
  4. Hi All, I've recieved a fault table from DEbenhams and if i want a replacement i have to pay again and wait for a refund at a later date. I've writte the email below to them and copies it to trading standard... Can anyone suggest any more outlets to lodge my complaint? "I took delivery of Light solid oak 'Newport' dining table which i ordered on 31/03/12 and received on 14/04/12. It has an obvious manufacturing fault where the table top is screwed to the frame resulting in a large crack. Firstly I am disappointed that this passed quality control (and the obvious fact that this box has been opened and resealed several times) and my second and most argued point is the customer service I have been offered is a disgrace. Sunday morning I spoke with Amber and supervisor Emma regarding the point that if I wish to order a replacement table I must pay another £212 to order a new table and then await a refund. I had spoken with the complaint team (Karl & call centre manager Gina) who have confirmed that Debenhams final response on this issue is that if want a replacement I need to pay the further £212 and awaiting a refund when the new table is delivered/old one collected in two weeks. I am unhappy as this is a large amount to pay again. This naturally has made me very angry, as if it had been a cheap pair of shoes i had ordered it wouldn't be a problem, but because 2 weeks ago I gave you £400, I obviously shouldn't have to pay again! To resolve this I want a new table ordering so that I am not just stuck with 4 dinning chairs as soon as possible, and I will not pay an additional £212 and await a refund as if this current service is anything to go by i'll be arguing a long time to get my money back. Gina of the call centre suggested that i contact Trading standards as she was un aware if Debenhams were subject to any ombudsman, therefore as a result I have copied this email to my local trading standard office." Please help!!
  5. Thanks for coming back to me. Sorry to be a simpleton but what’s the best way of finding out all thecharges etc and re-claiming? I've heard of people asking for them through data protection and enclosing acheque for £10 and/or sending £1 for a statutory request. What do you recommend?
  6. Afternoonall, I've had anasty shock this afternoon to find Littlewoods have defaulted me. I wasadmittedly repaying a reduced amount, however I did keep paying. The first Ihear about it all is a letter from the company they sold my debt to whoinformed me that I’m getting a default against my name. The companyis Lowell Portfolio ltd In truth I’d annoyed at myself and guttered as mycredit file was starting to perk up and now its stuff for another 6 years! Any suggestions on arguing the default?
  7. Clarity are debt collector type people who will agree a repayment plan with you (they'll agree to almost anything as long as you keep paying).CRS seem to just be used to try scare people into paying and after approx 30 days your passed onto another agency who will play ball.
  8. I found it best to ignore their calls and just respond to the emails (for what its worth) until Clarity came call!
  9. Congrats with Cap one!! I think i'll be giving it a shot with them!!
  10. Hi, Sorry for not getting back in touch sooner. I can't find the response, however if I remember rightly they said thedefault stood as I was on a DM plan and therefore paying less than the minimumpayment so could default me if they wished. I tried to argue that they didn’t notify me etc and left it until i'd been on an arrangement to pay for 2 years before defaulting me, but Cap1 claimed they hadwritten to my old address as I hadn’t notified them of the new address, so the ombudsmansided with them. I hope you have some luck with your letters. Please let me know how you get on!
  11. Hi, Sorry, i just wondered if anyone had had any success asking the credit companies to re-date any defaults they applied year after agreeing to an arrangment to pay?
  12. Just checked my credit file and whilst i paid on as per the arrangement, 6 months on the default is still there!
  13. Ps. I tried to appeal one default with Capital One which was added in 2009with CP1 and the finical ombudsman but got rejected L
  14. Hi, I can appreciate your situation as I am in almost the same mess (but with a Bradfordand Bingly mortgage so also no re-mortgage possible!) I have checked my file today and was guttered to find that Halifax have onlydecided to default me last month (without a letter or any warning etc!) afterhaving been on a DM plan since 2006. I hope someone responds, as I’d also be really grateful and interested inwhat people have to say!
  15. I found they only replied when i copied the FOS in on the email (even just using the info@ address).
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