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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply. Yes I know they can still ask nicely for payment but must stop if the debt is Statute Barred and that the debtor makes it clear they will not pay. I know I could point that out, but will they write again next year with another 'annual statement'? And once I confirm my address (I've ignored everything for 6 years since I stated my position to then all) what's to stop them simply selling the debt on? Telling them I won't pay and it's SB won't stop them holding and processing my data will it? In my mind they shouldn't have my data anyway bec
  2. Hi everyone, long time since I posted, have been keeping my head down after finding a strategy for my debts and uncooperative/unreasonable/deceitful 'creditors'. my strategy, devised at a time of severe ill health was to work out who didn't have valid agreements and claims and to tell them the facts and to sod off, and those who did have a rightful claim were offered a token sum as F&F. The first group claimed I was wrong, or simply ignored me, and the latter either demanded full settlement or ignored me. Either way, anything arriving after their response to my stat
  3. Interesting, I'll probably have a look and see how things are for me. To those who may be interested in using this or similar services but are worried about giving an email address, many email providers allow users to use an 'alias' email. This is another email address that is sent to your main email inbox. The advantage is that when you've finished with that alias and you don't want anyone contacting you, you can just erase it. Any emails sent to it will just bounce back as undeliverable. Or, you can of course set up another email and use that, and abandon it afterwards. The disadvantage
  4. I've only just come across this, and to get the discussion back on track: This isn't an accident. I work for a supplier to Tesco, and they have some real dirty tricks, one of which may explain what they've been caught here. One of their tricks, when it gets to their half year or year end reporting, is to stop paying suppliers. Of course they get the delivers according to the order, but just refuse to pay according to the T&C. This boosts the money they have on hand, which goes in their report. They probably also report the goods received as an asset also, again boosting their worth. A
  5. signed if you ask me, the whole defaults process needs a radical overhaul, as does all of the banking and finance industry
  6. Don't have much confidence in ATOL/ABTA etc. Have heard they are very biased towards the company, a nd not sure if the dispute would be covered. Am interested in people's views of the FOS, if complaints are worthwhile, if the correct logical decisions are reached etc, or if they are biased towards the banks. I don't really have much confidence in any of the regulators based on my experience so am reluctant to waste time with the FOS unless it's likely to be considered fairly, by people who live in the real world. Don't have any confidence in banks, we've seen
  7. We recently had a holiday that was awful, and on our return complained to the Tour Operator (following up our complaint to the resort reps). The tour operator gave us the complete brush off, so we made a Section 75 request to the credit card company. 2 months later they have responded and turned down the claim. The bank claims that for s75 to apply there must be an unbroken link between debtor, creditor and supplier. In this case they claim the supplier was the hotel. Their basis for refusal is that the main complaint was the filthy, dangerous state of the hotel, and because we didn't
  8. I quoted this and more to my bank when they refused to process my CCA and SAR request. At the time I had recently been injured and had limited use of my arm/hand so my efforts at a signature didn't match the one given 9 years ago when the account was opened and with the advent of switch cards hadn't been used for several years anyway. The excuse the bank gave was that a signature was required to compare with that of the account holder as part of their procedures to prevent account info being released to the wrong person. I complained to the ICO pointing out that the bank was sendi
  9. From the Information Commissioner's website: (http://www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/data_protection/subject_access_requests) Its possible they didnt receive it, although I know from personal experience (and documented on this site) that many times, recorded letters ARE received but simply not signed for. ... which makes the 'service' useless if you want to prove receipt. However, stuff sent through the post is assumed to have got there. Not responding to a SAR is an offence under the DPA, but the ICO is about as fast as a drunken snail finding its way round
  10. I've just read this thread and am as horrified as when I read the last one where the dog was injured. I only hope that the OP does in fact pursue it to the bitter end and doesn't let it go now she's got gas. |The only way to stop these things happening to others is to prosecute the injustice to the end, shame BG and make them pay. As soon as she go the supply back, she should have switched to another supplier. I can imagine if she did, BG would block it because of the 'debt'. That would be more ammo to use against them of course. As for the 'investigation' at 'high level'.... po
  11. This is a most disturbing thread. However, to comment on the above, a couple of years ago when I had trouble with a utility company, I had several letters about the arrears which mentioned that a rep had called several times but I was either not at home or refused to discuss the matter. The rep had in fact visited, and simply left a card or envelope with a message scribbled on it hanging out the letter box (one note left hanging out the letter box said "payment must be made now, a warrant is being applied for" it was handed to me by my neighbour who saw it hanging
  12. sad news, Martin helped too many people to count over the years, many of them in desperate situations, and in the early days when fighting back against unfairness of big businesses was unheard of.
  13. this prosecution was 2 years ago, but only published 2 months ago???? does it take the SRA THAT long to conclude a case, or do they delay publishing the results? In any case, many of the statements in the prosecution ring bells, because I made the same complaints about Munn in July 2010 only to be told that Munn was entitled to make them.... I like to feel that in some small way, my complaint, even if it was rejected, played some part in eventually reeling him in somewhat. What was the 'punishment' handed out to Munn? I have a feeling he may have had smacked wrists but that;s about
  14. I did hear last year, the figure was 8-17p in the pound, and for SB, about 3p/£ Can't say if those figures are correct, but don't imagine they're that far out
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