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  1. Hello I arrived at my mums on Friday to find her very shaken as she had had Sheriff Officers at the door with a Small Claim Summons from Arrow Global which I believe is for a debt 02 going back a few years. She said the were very rude and she explained I didnt live there yet they presented her with the summons anyway. The amount is for £522.78 and it states I reside at the property even though I have not lived there in a year or more and my name is on the electoral roll at my own seperate property. The 02 debt was the end of a contract which I explained to them I couldnt afford and they agreed to reduce it to the minimum monthly amount which they then failed to do and charged the full amount. I couldnt pay this and now they have obviously sold the debt on, added a bit and suddenly taken me to court. I have had no letters about this debt to my mums house so this is the first I've heard of it at this address. The statement of claim staes that I have lived at this address for more than three months and that I am domiciled there. So where do I go from here? I am on a low income as I have kids and a part time job. The thought of going to court terrifies me. Thank you in advance for any advice
  2. Hi CSA Issueman I just wondered how you are progressing and what the outcome was? Your situation is the exact same as mine and I am fighting them at the moment
  3. Hello, just came across this forum and I really need some advice if anyone can please help me. I split with an ex partner before we found out she was pregnant. Since our son was born I have made payments on and off but as she has made it very difficult, changing her bank details, taking cash but then denying it to CSA. She messes me around saying she wants to deal with csa then deal with me direct etc and we are going round in circles despite previously having a private agreement. Last week she told me she wanted to forget about any arrears and deal with me directly again now that we were both getting older. I received a letter from the CSA saying that based on my net wage of £556 I have to pay £83 per week. For a start I don't earn £556 per week, its nearer 320 - 420 depending how many hours I work. I also have another son which I pay for privately but CSA won't include my payments unless we report through them so I have done so this week. I have sent them letters but they seem to ignore them and come up with their own figures and take no notice of what i am saying to them. My ex has also received this letter and now thinks oh great I'm due £83 and he's been lying to me about his earnings. I cannot afford to pay my bills at the moment, if they go in and start deducting £83 from my weekly earnings I will be completely stuck. I've had to pay for my solicitor to fight for access to my son as well which has been thousands. I cant take any holidays at work so my work pay me for these instead, so instead of me having time off she gets to claim even more money from me, this doesnt make sense to me and I dont know the best way to go about getting through to the CSA and getting an accurate figure calculated. Any help with letter templates etc would be appreciated. Thank you!
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