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  1. Hello I arrived at my mums on Friday to find her very shaken as she had had Sheriff Officers at the door with a Small Claim Summons from Arrow Global which I believe is for a debt 02 going back a few years. She said the were very rude and she explained I didnt live there yet they presented her with the summons anyway. The amount is for £522.78 and it states I reside at the property even though I have not lived there in a year or more and my name is on the electoral roll at my own seperate property. The 02 debt was the end of a contract which I explained to them I couldnt afford and
  2. Hi CSA Issueman I just wondered how you are progressing and what the outcome was? Your situation is the exact same as mine and I am fighting them at the moment
  3. Hello, just came across this forum and I really need some advice if anyone can please help me. I split with an ex partner before we found out she was pregnant. Since our son was born I have made payments on and off but as she has made it very difficult, changing her bank details, taking cash but then denying it to CSA. She messes me around saying she wants to deal with csa then deal with me direct etc and we are going round in circles despite previously having a private agreement. Last week she told me she wanted to forget about any arrears and deal with me directly again now that we were
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