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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for your help. Can I order a warrent of execution and send in the Bailiffs if the amount owed is below £600. Joan
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help, as my daughter is at a loss. She was awarded a county court judgement by the small claims court against a Motor Dealer who sold her an unroadworthy car which had been clocked. The award was for £1300 and a payment of £150 per month was set for the dealer to pay. He has paid 5 payments but still owes £558. He says he is bankrupt, but is still trading and lives in a house worth over £200,000. Am I right that we cannot do anything because the amount he owes is below £600. The court sent us leaflets, but I cannot find what to do next. Help
  3. Hi Guys, Sorry for delay in replying, but just arrived in Spain and I need to get all paperwork together. Will try and do it this afternoon and give you more information. Your help is appreciated. Joan
  4. Hi Guys, The car was bought after responding to an advert on Autotrader.co.uk The The advert clearly says 41,000 miles. Unfortunately when my daughter picked up the car and the invoice, he has left the mileage out of the invoice. When she got back home she went onto directgov.co.uk and checked the previous MOT's including the one he has just had done for the car. It read as follows: 14.1.2004 the car was produced. 27.2.2007 - mileage 50,522 18.1.2008 - mileage 64,028 19.2.2009 - mileage 13,633 19,2,2010 - mileage 31,633 22.10.2010- mileage 40,925 The interesting thing regard
  5. Hi Jeepstar,Thanks for reply. No the invoice did not have the mileage on it, but the advert on autos direct clearly stated 41,000 miles.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for interest. Car bought October 2010 for £2995. 2004 Renault Scenic 1.9 DCIPrivilege. 5 Door Diesel Estate. Mileage 41,000 Went to Trading Standards and Consumer direct, who suggested we went to Citizans Advice, who suggested Small claims. Round and Round we went. Didn't go to VOSA as no-one suggested it.
  7. Hi everyone, I hope you can help me and my daughter, as we are near suicidal. My daughter bought a car from a dealer in Wakefield and went to see it with a friend. All seemed fine and she agreed to buy the car and asked for a new MOT to be done. The new MOT was done and she paid by bank transfer and picked up the car. On reaching home she inputted the MOT details and history and found that the mileage had been changed from 64,000 to 13,000 several MOT's ago, so the car which was sold as having 41,000 miles had actually done over 90K. She was unhappy at the high mileage so took i
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