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  1. hi all ,just got home after 3 hours in the dwp ,iuc they had no evidance to support them ,only had questions hopefully i said the right thing wont know the outcome now for 8 weeks , i have never been so nervous in all my life ,how i held in the tears i dont know ,the only thing they did say is they will go after csa now ,im not out of the woods yet what if they dont belive what i say and think iv been faking it ,one big help was my expeiran were i could explain that letters coming to my address was due to the finantual association i had with him on an outdated car loan also my elder childrens dad had put some money in for the girls once a month and now are saying that is extra income that should have been declared so ill prob get stung for that instead ,they said £31 a week pocket money is far to much for a 16 yr old ,it may be but try telling that to my16 yr old ,will let you know the outcome thank you to everyone who has supported me through this nightmare x
  2. hiya tag ,no nothings happening yet my iuc is next wed ,so im just trying to sort out solicitor to come along with me ,do you know if my ex showing phone bills driving licance bank statements of his address help even tho hes not an offical tenent ,its not my fault he is homeless and doesnt want to find his own place , i think its unfair that i get into trouble for it if you get me ,and if my mum offered to pay sky it wouldnt be an issue its always down to the fact you have children hes your ex you must be together because your on good terms ,they spend all these days with divorcees trying to make sure the children get parental access ,we give it and it is now wrong aand seeing us down the iuc room .sorry having a rant x
  3. hi jt ,i was living with a partner and was grassed on by a neighbour who was originally a friend we fell out and she gave the dwp every inch of my private life ,by the time i was given a iuc they had stacks of evidance against me ,i had to wait 8 agonising months from start to sentancing my overpayment was a years werth of £2500 ,as i have 5 children i was getting a high weekly amount ,i was put in my local paper for everyone to read ,some people were like ohh !! some ie the wealthy mums looked me up and down ,my friends stayed my friends my teen daughters had a few comments made at school ,the werst was not knowing who knew and who didnt no , i recieved a years community order so i was really lucky , sad thing is i have a daughter with autism and altho were nt together anymore i am now being interviewed again by both council and dwp under caution because i had him over more often than i should have to help ,its a real mess for me to as he is homeless and stays on his mates sofa whos on benefits the mate didnt want to make him pay any rent because he didnt want it to affect his benefits ,im terrified ,if you want to talk im here either pm me or on thread ,please dont worry my solicitor said unless your a danger to the public your highly unlikely to go to prison ,but there are cases were people do but very rare ,the sad thing is when your prosicuted finding a job then becomes impossible such a vicious circle i have a nurse and she said just try to chill out cause whatever will be will be we cant control there desicion ,im sure your be fine and in a few months your be back on here advising people what your going through now ,keep strong ,
  4. thanx scaredtodeath ,for your kind words ill let you know what solisitors opinions is later xx
  5. thank you terriers aere great and everyone who has posted support whatever your thoughts it means alot to know i can talk and get oppinions from all of you weather i like what i hear or not ,fingers crossed ill get the same understanding from the dwp ,(though i wont hold my breath ) hopefully ill get to a solicitor tomorrow x
  6. well if thats the case then i am in deep trouble ,i cant argue that ,i know all of you reading this will be thinking i deserve all i get ,i was really scared about talking about this situation i am crying again now as its clear ive ruined my life and my childrens ,i know it will be prison for me ,
  7. hi hb ,yes i will get onto the solicitors on monday ,i know scaredtodeath ,allowing him to take sky out for my children ,again i rang the benefits i even asked for the compliance office and they said it would be fine as it would be treated a a gift ,my only mistake was not putting it in writing ,i just took there word that it would be ok ,i know this could now bite me on the bum id never have allowed it if i knew it would see me back in iuc ,i dont know what it is im ment to do ,i have a daughter with autism ,shes 8 and extreamly aggressive towards me ,she also has adhd and sleep problems ,i have been battling with managing her behaviour for years ,she hits me spits at me ext and she doesnt sleep until 11 at earliest in evening and she is up at anytime ,usually when the first bird starts to cheep ,i have 4 other children another who is an adult now with learning difficultys , my daughter was hooked on peppa pig and we went out to town ,my ex came with me as my daughter bolts off and i end up having to leave my 9 yr old stood alone while i chase after her ,so if shes really hyper he will come to help ,there was a stall with sky and we were drawn over and he just filled out form for her we thought it might help calm her down at night ,there was no thought as to it being my one way ticket to prison , i told housing this ,the social services know the preasure i have been under from my daughter i was just accepting his help as i have no family , i am horrendously scared of being taken away from my children more than anything ,and for what a tv subscription ,the social services cant right bk up letters because they didnt know wether we together or not my phyciatric nurse is coming with me to try help keep me calm .if they were servalancing the house theyd see he isnt here in any mornings or after 9 at night ,is this going to be impossible to prove my innocents and im just gonna have to accept whatever they throw at me
  8. well first time round i was doing it and i owned up to it thats why i was prosecuted , this time i genuinley haent had him living with me ,like i said he came to my house from 6 till 9 each evening and every other weekend ,i guess looking at it now it was far to frequent and as far as i knew i was not committing any crime ,i did like i said ring the jcp to ask if what i was allowing wasnt going to affect my claim for income support i knew people would jump to conclusions and this is exactley how it feels about the housing and dwp ,judged on fact i have a previous conviction ,im not going to win weather im innocent or not ,you have just proved that by saying what you just said
  9. he did have one shared finance witch was sky and again i rang up the benefits to ask if that is ok ,they said yes as its classed as a gift ,looking around this site iv seen they have included sky as a joint bill ,he only took out the subscription and has paid some of the bills when i couldnt pay for it to keep it on for the children but 90 % of the time i paid it ,its now in my own name ,also the only letters that have come to my house for him are debt letters were the debters have found finantual connection through my credit file i cant control the letters coming to my door ,even tho i have tried to do a finantual disasosiation its still got him there as a link i dont know what they could possibly have bar going around asking neighbours questions ,i know they see his van come but its from 6 till 9 weekdays and some weekends ,i dont know if they see him leave they dont see van there in mornings as hes not there ,i dont know if with him only staying at his address is official enough ,yet another thing i cant control is him finding an official fixed abode ,it doesnt mean hes with me cause he isnt #how the hell i can prove this because of past i dont know ,friends say dont tkae a soclicitor cause ill be showing guilt but im scared:-(
  10. hi i was convicted of benefit fraud in 2006 for benefit fraud/i was living with a partner . i recieved fortuantley a years community order .through the stress and preasure of the case i split with my partner and the went onto is/hb ctb ,my ex went into his flat and i moved on into a new home in another area ,my ex reularly visted the children up until july last year when i had some really bad problems with my disabled child and depression was close to signing her over for care ,i didnt go ahead as i just couldnt do it but was offered resbite my ex offered to come round in the evenings to help with bedtime routines ,that remained until november were we began to get bit closer christmas came and we spent some nights together christmas went and we disgust getting back together ,i said i would speak to my lone parent adviser when im next up for 6 month review ,before i new it igot a letter for iuc with council i told them what was happening they advised that i made an appointment to see js plus and do an "am i entitled "cause of the stress i asked my ex to stay away until i sort this out ,the only evidance they had was an incorrect finance aggrement ,i heard nothing for 2 months and now dwp want to interview me , im scared stiff that im going to prison as i may not be belived because of a previous offence , am i up the creek ,id never cope with prison im too soft and cant defend myself against a fly please help ,i really need some advice the next iuc is in 2 weeks also if i do go to prison ,will i lose my home and my children ..my life will be ruined , all i am guilty of is having him over too often ,his address is not official although his bank statements and driving licence are of his own address they asked me so many questions ie does he eat at your address ,i said sometimes does he have clothes ther i said ,,a few t shirts does the neiughbours think he lives there and i said yes maybe because they have seen him come regularly in past few months what upsets me is i rang the benefits stupidly not giving my name as it was a quiery to ask if he is aloud to come over and they said yes as often as he likes as long as he doesnt sleep there ,witch is what he doesnt do ,if they were servalancing the house they would see that , im sure they went into my daughters shool to ask questions but they dont ever see my ex because hes never with me and they have never asked about dad i am doomed arnt i ,what will happen to me in prison and were will they send me ,i will prob go stright to cat a
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