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  1. Thanks for the advice Tingy, I will do as you suggest ASAP:-)
  2. Hi rebel & thanks for your reply Yes I have a number of late and over your limit (£12 per charge) chrges but to my knowledge no PPI. I am more interested in trying to close the accounts, stopping any more charges and interest and setting up a regular payment scheme of around £10-15 a month. Does this seem at all feasible.
  3. Hi Guys, I need some advice please. I have 2 credit cards one with Aqua and the other Cap One. I am encounting financial difficulty and have not met minimum payments on my credit cards for 2 months. I have buried my head in the sand and ignored all contact but want to put things straight. I can't meet the minimum payments anymore and really want them to close the account and stop all interest and charges. I then want to come to some arrangement to make fixed monthly payments to pay off the debt. Is this at all possible and how would I approach this. all advice breatly
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