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  1. boggey1

    dvla court date

    Wrote to them MP our council in Cornwall are corrupt and lazy .But can I use the the argument that need to prove they do maintain it as I do and have for 20 years ?
  2. boggey1

    dvla court date

    Sorry 29 3a offence
  3. boggey1

    dvla court date

    section 46 vehicle excise an registration act 1994 parking car on road while sorned .
  4. boggey1

    dvla court date

    they say it on the road highways act
  5. boggey1

    dvla court date

    Have apart time motor trader policy so its on it .
  6. boggey1

    dvla court date

    Hi guys I have got to go to court ,van sorned parked on a raised peice of land outside my home maintained by me ,but not ajoined to my home, have had a car on there in form or another for 20 plus years .now sent summonds
  7. Hi all not ready for such help, Usually I feel a bit alone offering help to others, not really any good at asking for it lol. Right moved in 14th of feb 2009 ,only accepted by him as dss because I was having to be looked after by partner an child because of chemo treatment for cancer.15th feb LL called saying the neighbours have complained as our dog had defecated in there garden this was a lie, as neighbour had there own issues with LL as he abused them as well ,we think he did it to alis-it a response against them from us. They rung to ask if the fence could be put up as lying on the grass
  8. police served a harassment notice on him in august 2011 still call ing into this year saying he is going to hunt us down
  9. turned into a periodic short term tenancy, never signed the tenancy inventory as damaged items not on the inventory , possession notice all leagle ,documented all instances of abuse .recorded occasions on phone , separate statements from friends he abused, previous tenants he abused willing to go to court ,no receipts paid cash in to bank account, coppers say civil over money have this from inspector of Newquay say he is okay to call us hound us as over money .
  10. Hi all we were served a po-cession notice after having our land lord served with a harassment notice and the environmental health had kittens because of the conditions in which we were living , so he through us out but before he did that he called housing benifit and said we had never paid him any money, they stopped payments to us straight away with no contact ,now we have left and he is continuing to be abusive to us, an even called my town clerk pretending to be a old friend wanting my new address she was willing issue statment to police confirming this and the police say because we owe mo
  11. oh my god i need a rest now lol i think i get it ,is that you are telling me both parties need to agree to comply for the sec 21 notice to be valid or have i allowed my self to be blinded by jargon
  12. shame as read all this on the tenants having rights, but it seems you have rights as long as you suffer and keep go shut lol
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