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  1. These were all from credit cards, apart from the Hsbc loan. Thanks
  2. Hi Dx Thanks, think i will leave it with Carter.Don't want to rock the boat. Hsbc 3856 halifax 8752 natwest 7456 barclycard 10655 arrow global 3586 cabot financial 920 santander 4836 bests thebeatseeker
  3. Hey guys Thanks for taking the time to help out in this. The Debt was from just over 3 years ago with orange, when i was going through a particularly tricky patch financially. It was originally just shy of £500, and up to £733 now with costs. I have let this slip somehow. As i say, i have around 40k of debt with 8 creditors, all of which i have kept on top of with agreed repayment plans. Also, the other ccj i never heard from anyone again after the judgement, and as you guys say, sometimes they just throw it at you for spite. But Carter seems to be particularly nasty, and i
  4. Hi, Not sure if i'm in the right place. I have revisted an old property recently and found a ccj for an old orange debt passed to lowel. With Brian Carter acting on behalf of them. The ccj was issued in December 2014 for the debt of £733 and i was ordered to pay £50 a month. This is nearly 12 months old and Carter is in a right flap, obviously. The address correspondence has been sent to, i own, and is rented out. The tenants say no bailiffs have been around. I can't understand why?, if it's nearly 12 months ago. this is my second ccj the first one for £1000, i wa
  5. Thanks for all your input on both cases ims21, I think i will carry on with the token payments. As you say if it goes all the way it will go in their favor. I will wait until in a position to offer a settlement and will start at 20%. Kind regards m
  6. Thanks guys, I have been on a dept management plan with the c.c.c.s since last aug paying token payments of £1a month ims21. Hsbc have been the most awkward,(even though i have held accounts with them since they were midland).They have passed on my loan to a dca charges and interest are frozen on this But with my my current acount and credit card they refused the token payment offer and continue to add charges and interest on both accounts. These are considerable amounts and they seem to ignore all correspondence asking for a temporary reprieve. That is why i cca'd them. T
  7. Thanks ims21, I have forwarded a letter stating i believe the account to be in dispute. Another reason for me to question this agreement is that after all the legal action and death threats... they wrote to me saying they would settle for 50% of the total amount. they are the only creditor to do this out of a list of 10. I enclose the response i got to my dispute letter... My question is..Am i within my rights to stop the token monthly payments? Am also worried that if they take me to court, proof of payments toward the loan would implicate i owe the debt. Would i be right
  8. Thank you very much guys, No additional charges firstship. So you would agree the account is in dispute citizenB? Am currently on £1 token monthly payments.Do you think i should stop payments? Please excuse my ignorance, but if i stopped the payments and they took me to court and won. would i be liable for all costs incurred? many thanks m
  9. Hi, Can anyone help me out here?? Am looking for guidance on my hsbc credit card agreement. I have enclosed the agreement with the accompanying letter. The agreement was sent with multiple pages of a"2009 variation of agreement terms and conditions" I wrote back to them saying i did not think this constituted a valid agreement, and that i believe the account to be in dispute. I have enclosed the reply they gave. Any advise here would be much appreciated. Thanks m hsbc credit card agreement.pdf
  10. Hi, I have received this credit agreement for my hsbc loan, after i cca'd them. Can anybody give me guidance here?? Looks pretty unorthodox to me... Thanks in advance m
  11. Hello, I have a loan running from 2006 with £9,051.32 outstanding. I ran into financial difficulty just over 6 months ago and am paying all my creditors all i can afford which is the token £1 monthly payment. Have received a letter from metropolitan collections stating that they have been instructed to recover the hsbc loan. However the account number they have stated is incorrect. The account number stated is for my HSBC current account, which is £1003 overdrawn and have been making the same £1 token payments to this account too. I am looking for guidance in how to respo
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