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  1. Cont.... So I have now just got off the phone from the insolvency practitioner advising him if the outcome. He did not sound to pleased and advised me to contact the Redundancy Agency. I said that there would be no need for this as that money had been received and I was now chasing all other money owed, just over £3k. He advised me to send it to him, which I will do later today. Now my question is this. If the company is now being liquidated what are my chances of getting the owed monies. Would it best to go straight to the county court with employment tribunal’s judgement or will t
  2. Hello, Very happy to have found this site and hope for some assurance if possible. The company I worked for went into insolvency in Dec 2010. I completed the RP1 and sent that to the practitioner. At the same time as doing this completed the ET3 form for request of a hearing from the employment tribunal. I done this so that I could get all monies that are owed, I.e.: bonus, holiday the lot, from my ex-employer. This almost total £6k. I finally received money from the NI redundancy fund for £3k, which was statutory. A few days before I was to go to court for the employment tribunal
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