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  1. Morning. Letter back from the hospital. It's useless. 4 pages of crap but I did learn why the e-mail was mis-directed. There are 2 doctors with similar names. Obviously the hospital in there letter state that everything is fine with timescales etc and apologise for the miss direction. Even managing to spell my name incorrectly. Quoted the gp practice who also got my name wrong saying that the practice manager would never have suggested taking legal action to get mum's records!! If I get the chance I'll post the letter up. I knew not to expect much but now I'm clueless as to what to do
  2. Morning. Just to let you know the order came through from the court. The amount was paid and I've received a letter from the sols to confirm. Thank you all so much for your help and guidance. Another one ticked off my list!
  3. Is anyone around? Need some help. The consent order does not state that the claim stays set crime? Can I write it on as it needs to be in this morning??
  4. Quick update. As it was almost 3 weeks since they signed for my letter I decided to chase them up. Apparently it was an oversight not to send me an acknowledgement letter (not really surprised there) but I need to sign a consent form so they can go to mum's GP, waiting for that to arrive and I will send it back. After that they said it will take approx another 5 week's to finish investigating. They have started investigating tho apparently. I'll update more when I get it!
  5. Thank you all. Just to update. I've offered them a revised settlement quite a bit lower than what they offered me. With the proviso as Andy suggested that the case stays set aside. Just waiting for an order from them to sign and send to the court and that should be the end of it. Thank you all for your help!
  6. They have written to me today offering a settlement of £2500 if paid within 28 days. I can't do that if I had the money I'd not be in this mess in the 1st place! Can I counter offer? Or is it worth taking my chances at court in the slim hope the judge will throw out the case because of there failure to meet deadlines! God I'm so confused!!!
  7. Andy this never got this far. It was a default ccj which I applied to have set aside. Then noticed they had claimed it was an overdraft when it was a personal loan. They agreed to the set aside and now we are here!
  8. The default date was December 2008. I assume that it would mean they must have issued a default notice?
  9. Oh pants! I uploaded the same thing twice! It's on a different computer I will try to get it uploaded tomorrow! Thanks Andy.
  10. Thanks Andy. Is there anything I need to look for in the application they sent me as now they have supplied that my defence will now be reliant on if that is valid and if they have followed protocol. I need to request the default notice but as this is not mentioned anywhere would you suggest any other way of obtaining it? Many many thanks for calling in!!
  11. Yip! I submitted and paid my fee for strike out on 30thkJune as they had not submitted a amended claim form. They then submitted on 2nd July amended claim form with copy application?
  12. Thanks Andy!! I've had notification of a hearing for both the claimants and defendants applications. I applied for the strike out they finally submitted a claim form with application and terms and conditions which I have posted? Dont know what the court want to do or why we are having a hearing? Don't know if the application is valid? There is no default notice enclosed only assignment notices? Thanks Andy!
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