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  1. I have been with them nearly 2 years (October 2020).It has all of our worldly goods pretty much. I don't have the Lease to hand but will post it on here early next week. Thank you everyone for your time and efforts.
  2. I owe rent for July and August 2021 = £950 unfortunately I have no access to the unit now as they have blocked it.
  3. Good Evening, Like many, due to covid I have financial troubles. I am 35 days behind with payments. I have received an email today from Storagemart stating their next course of action. "The next step in our delinquency process is to forcibly enter the Unit and make an inventory and photograph the items within the Unit in preparation of sale at auction. This is due on day 40 and incurs and additional £40 charge and of course renders your padlock obsolete. We will place one of our locks on the door along with a tamperproof seal when this is complete and notify you of the date set for the auction. " I have every intention of paying the full amount owed, they have stated that they will not accept part payments. I intend to call them on Monday to reach some form of agreement but it would be extremely helpful if I knew my rights or had some useful information. Any help, suggestions or advice would be most appreciated. Badhorsey
  4. Good afternoon everyone. I was recently made unemployed overnight by my Company in the UAE due to the economic downturn. I had to leave the country as I had a £50,000 debt which I was unable to pay, we also left most of our posessions. I am presently unemployed and I'm renting a house in the UK as I do not own one. I have received a a letter from a company called International Debt Recovery based in Cheltenham acting as debt recovery agents for the Bank in the UAE I owe money to. They have given me a week to reply to them. I have no money to repay the debt, all of my savings and redundancy have been spent this past few months just to live. I would appreciate any advice how to proceed during these stressful times. Thank You Bad Horsey
  5. We have already done this, but with the proviso that once the sale is complete, we have no further obligations to them. Our tenant has already put forward a good offer to them, considerably more than it will fetch at auction, they are happy to accept this but they have informed the tenant they will not agree to writing off any mortgage deficit , fees interest etc as part of the deal
  6. Excellent reply, Thank you. So what would you do If you were in this position and with the house repossessed, and with fees, mortgage deficit, and interest etc mounting daily?
  7. The current tenants want to buy the property, however once we discovered last year that there was a charge on the property then we agreed not to accept any further payments from them. We contacted the insurance company and stated that the we were happy for them to take the sum offered from the tenant to buy the property as long as we were no longer liable for any outstanding monies on the property including mortgage deficit or interest. They did not reply to us, but our tenant informed us that his legal team had been advised that Credit Logement would not agree to this. So the property is still occupied by the tenant rent free, and CL still threatening re-posession and have been for past 12 months. If the property is re-posessed and auctioned is that end of our debt or similarly if the tenant buys it, even if there is a deficit? Are there any Statute of Limitations?
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I didn't make it clear the mortgage is on a house in France. The Bank that gave me the Mortgage is French, as are the Insurance company claiming the monies, and the Court Order was issued in Paris.
  9. Hi, I was living in France and had a French Mortgage for 200,000 Euros in 2009. Unfortunately I lost my job and I had to return to the UK, I paid what I could to the Bank over the next few years, but one day in 2012 the Bank informed me that the outstanding Mortgage was paid off by an insurance policy. I rented the house out to tenants after making enquiries and paying a Notaire to see if the house was actually mine, I was assured it was and assumed that I had taken a policy out at the time of purchase. Last year I agreed to sell the house to my tenant, it was then discovered that the insurance company Credit Logement had put a charge on the house in 2012 for the outstanding amount of the mortgage they paid off plus interest. I have been living in the UAE since 2010, and my tenant in my house in France since 2011. Neither of us had received any notification of any actions or judgements against me. I was totally unaware of any legal proceedings whatsoever as the papers were served to an address in the UK, I hadn't lived in since 2010. We are in a stalemate situation at the moment with the Insurance Company threatening to re-possess the house since May 2016 but have they have not made any moves to do so. The Paris High Court served a Judgement against me in March 2012 with the insurance Company putting a charge on the Property's Title in August 2012. Does anyone know if these outstanding debts have a Statute of Limitations? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Badhorsey
  10. Funnily enough those worries were passing through my head, I most certainly won't do anything until I seek your advice first. Thanks again. badhorsey
  11. Many thanks, you have been extremely helpful. I'll post when I have settled with them.
  12. Thank you so much, I have just had a chat with the debt collectors, they changed their tune when I mentioned Statute Barring and their inabilty to apply for a CCJ and Statutory demand for Bankruptcy. They are applying to Lloyds for a settlement figure , of approx £20,000 approx. What should I do when they get back to me.
  13. Hi I'm living in Dubai with my family. I was made redundant in 2008. I owe £48000 to lloyds on an unsecured loan. I have just started employment again and I would very much like to clear the debt, as one day I'd like to come home. I have £15000 I could make as a full and final payment but the debt negotiating companies state that with their fees it will cost me £27000 which clearly I don't have. Any advice would me very much appreciated Kindest regards Badhorsey
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