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  1. Having lost my mum to lung cancer and being a medium smoker for 13 years prior i can certainly say that ecigs have been a miracle for me, when my mum was diagnosed with cancer i was stressed but still really wanted to quit, i swapped to an ego electronic cigarette instead and never looked back and found it very easy to quit. There's allot of bad press going around but one thing i can say for certain is my health and fitness has improved and i'm feeling allot happier that i have done something but still have the option to go outside with friends on a night out without the temptation of a r
  2. Wow, I have read about payday express doing some shady things in the past but this one bites the bullet, must be a new tactic to rob people blind, complain to the OFT, if things like this go unreported there's no way they can be sopped on-going.
  3. Seems some how I've ended up on the payday express mailing list, i'm getting their emails and this morning received a flier in my post box, i can opt out of the email which i now have but there's no mention of how to opt out from their post mailings... i'm also receiving other payday orientated emails that don't have an opt out which is quite annoying. payday loans uk
  4. This is true, I recently paid for a credit report and of the 3 payday loans I had taken with 3 different lenders only the one from wonga showed up, not that it stopped me from getting a mortgage either way but it's good to no.
  5. Hi Jon, I recently saw your video on youtube regarding quickquid really made me mad and laugh at the same time, well done for outing their practices!
  6. Although this thread is old the situation hasn't changed with 1 month loan my friend recently took a loan with them and the funds were taken out of his account when he wasn't expecting it, taking him over his overdraft to incur further costs. He's now writing to the OFT to make a formal complaint.
  7. Hi, I've unfortunately taken a loan with with wonga, quick quid and payday express and within the period of taking these loans i did apply for a mortgage and it didn't adversely effect me as I was accepted... the fact that you paid without defaulting goes a long way but i can't say for sure whether it will go the same way for yourself, depends upon your credit history of course.
  8. Sounds about right I'm sure quick quid are well aware of what their doing, if there's a loop hole to be exposed they will find and use it!
  9. Thanks for making me aware that quick quid have 8 weeks to resolve my complaint as they really are milking it, had i not known that's the case i would have thought their just ignoring me, funny how they can get the cash in your account in 10 minutes but take forever to resolve a issue.
  10. Ha, you certainly seem to know your stuff... I only knew about the S87 as i'd read that thread before... had no idea till then, thanks. quickquid
  11. Yes a S87 is to do with default notices, you can read more here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?332131-How-many-times-can-a-S87(1)-Default-notice-be-served quickquid
  12. Ha I'm glad to hear rodgerramjet! I hope I can say the same... not sure about the prostitution though... payday loans uk
  13. Did you manage sort this in the end? How did you manage to successfully setup a payment plan with lending stream...? And what was your total loan amount taken and repayment duration agreed upon? Thanks.
  14. Sorry I only suggested the use of the quickquid live chat https://sales.liveperson.net/hc/69445590/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=69445590&byhref=1&SESSIONVAR%21skill=quickquid-sales-english functionality as that worked for me, i'm sure emailing them will have an impact also, you can keep a record of a live chat discussion though as they will email it to you afterwards.
  15. It's well over a month now since my last posting, when doing a search on google for payday express it still appears they don't rank anymore, seems karma is against them, i'm sure that is losing them some business as mostly consumer action group and money saving expert threads are showing up now!
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