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  1. That's very helpful, thanks. I am supported by GP, however she doesn't feel it would be good for my health to return to work with my employers solution of keeping us apart. She feels that will be even more stressful. Counselling was helpful but finished and hubby's at end of tether. Ive been claiming ESA and would hope this would continue?I'm just lost with it all.
  2. Occ health have also been no use, he has told me ht he's just paid to allow employers to 'tick a box', I started with workplace rep, then branch secretary of unison whose advise has been practically non-existent. CAB wont help me as im a union member. I really am pulling my hair out and it's making my health worse. I decided to try going back to work, under the rtw suggested by GP and agreed by employer but they reneged on everything they have formerly agreed to and, because I'd got myself so worked up and ready to go back, only for them to renege on everything I had a nervous breakdown. I'm
  3. Hi, worked there 6 yrs. occ health have sent reports to my employer on three occasions. Not sure about the Unison question?
  4. Should I just resign?? Long story short.. Been off work for a year with work related stress caused by bullying. Seen o.h three times and line manager every month, been advised by unison to stick to informal procedures as it would be too 'stressful' for me to go through formal procedures. Union rep is pals with line manager. Wish I'd never listened to them tried to go back to work a month ago but employer withdrew the offer made to me (over 9months) for me to return to work on a quiet day which would just be to get me in the door. I am gutted and am now facing being laid off on capability,
  5. That's a lot of food for thought and all very scary - in my head I want to fight but my health has suffered so much already I will check re legal cover. Thank you.
  6. You have been very helpful. I haven't put a grievance in, as my rep never mentioned it - maybe i'm to blame for not asking? Am I too late and it would look badly on me - would this immediately take me into the formal route? Afraid of this if i have no union support, regional office not returned my call. Anyway, i work for a local government office and we do have a dignity at work policy. ALthough I became ill 3months ago, this is the 2nd time in 3yrs I have been off ill with work related stress as, when I complained first time, I went off ill with the same (all noted and documented). Manage
  7. Became ill 3months ago, health records were noted of this on the 1st day I went off sick. Don't know about the insurance - will check
  8. Thank you for your help. I'll try and provide a bit more info. My gp has signed me off with work related stress. That's on the fitnotes. I have fallen into a depression due to my manager not dealing with the problem when they had the chance (years ago, however she is best friends with the "bully") My union rep hasn't been at all helpful - I have only realised from other posts that I should perhaps have put a grievance in before now?? Against both bully & management? - I've no idea, and am worried that it will look badly on me that I haven't, should it come to a tribunal - maybe i'm too
  9. Hello. I've been off work for 3months with work related stress caused by bullying and harrasment by a co-worker. Employers have looked into it and are happy with the other persons explanation that 1. I'm too sensitive and 2.It wasn't meant to come over the way it did and 3. I took it the wrong way so, basically, it's all me! Anyway, we're at stage now where they want me to sit across a table "in mediation" with this person who for 5yrs has humiliated, belitted and embarrassed me and they can't see why this would make me totally sick with worry They've told me i either attend this mediation
  10. I'vebeen asked to go for a 2nd OH appt - I think my employer is trying to get them to confirm that I am unfit for work so they can dismiss me. (Off work with work related stress). Is there anything I should be aware of or any advice about this that can be offered to me?? Also, is it reasonable to ask employer to pay mileage (70mile round trip)?? Thanks.
  11. Hi and thanks for reply. No - I didn't think to keep a copy of the GP's notes - will that be a problem?? A few years ago things came to a head - after I had attended meetings with HR & my line manager to advise them of things that were being said/done to upset me, and I felt they were doing nothing about it. I phond my LM to say I was having to leave the office as I was sitting in tears and very upset. I went off sick for a v short period (2wks) and, during this time got a letter to say that I was to attend a disciplinary hearingbecause I had left work. I attended this, althouugh I wa
  12. Where do I start? .... I've been off for 2months for work related stress, my GP has put bullying as well as w.r.s on my fitnote. In the last 3 years I have faced my work colleagues (very underhand) sniping and generally putting me down and intimidating me - no physical violence or shouting - she's far too clever for that. I've been to my line manager several times - but he is friends with my work colleague and, hence, nothing's been done I very much get the feeling they think I'm paranoid Anyway, since being singed off I have had several phonecalls and 1 Occ Health appt and another to c
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