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  1. A culture that existed long before it became state owned I would imagine.
  2. the bit you have posted doesnt confirm or deny whether the contract has been formed - you will prbably find they have a bit on there that says the contract is formed when they have posted the item out.
  3. Keep a log of all calls and report it to Trading Standards - its obvious harassment if it is as you describe (i.e you are already in a payment plan and they are trying to force you to pay more).
  4. re your last point - not necessarily - I wont bother going into all the detail - but they usually asked for relevant info - we decided what was relevant. Often I was happy to release everyting we had but others were not. The data in question was not that of the Councils but of a third parties and was usually being released in relation to crime investigation (which is why it was being given in the first place).
  5. You would have to tick that all important box that asks if they can share data amongst their group whe entering into any contract or agreement with any of them.
  6. IME DCAs normally do what their clients tel lthem otherwise they will lose their business - contrary to what some might think, I very much doubt TW want a DCA harassing you for no reason. For that reason I would suggest that TW havent actually told CQ to stop contacting you. If they had the DCA almost certainly wouldnt keep harassing you for 2 reasons - 1) it would annoy their client and may cost them future business 2) it would be very illegal to purposelly try to make you pay the same debt twice.
  7. Yes - which (legally) is a world away from providing false information.
  8. Is there really? All I can see is that a company has passed an incorrect phone number to another company. We have no idea why that is - there is nothing as yet to suggest it was malicious or purposelly false (why would it be?) I am struggling to think any reason why a creditor would purposelly pass on 'false' informaiton but I can think of a couple of reasons why it may do due to other factors or their own carelessness. I am not saying its right but I daresay you are somewhat jumping the gun and gettign over excited over something that will almost certainly be put down to the creditor providing a false number or a 'clerical error'. Given that it looks like Op has been hounded by multiple DCAs for multipel debts logic tells me someone has been giving out the wrong number when signing up for credit.
  9. Indeed, but unless the sales process was recorded we will never know. I spose it really depend so nthe obviousness of the persons illness.
  10. First of all Lowell own the debt - therefore, they do in theory have all the paperwork for the account, therefore if any number is to be removed from any files it will be Lowell doing it - because they are the ones with the file - even though they were not the original creditor. So if you do fidn out compan yX is the origina lcreditor, you will prob find they wil ltel lyou to go back to Lowell as they now have the paperwork ------------ Even if you do find out who company X are, very little will happen with regards to the incorrect number - they will just say the ywere given it by the creditor or something like that.
  11. If I was you I would send in some evidence of your sons illness because if you dont then its the first thing they will ask for. I know of a coupel of cases where contracts were written off but they were for old people who suffered from thigns like dementia and the salesman/finance person visited their home and sold to them. As your son has gone into the bank himself you might find them a lot less willing to cave in.
  12. It could be that someone else at the addres is requesting the details of the account without permission - so a signature is just arse covering basically. People on this forum and in general like to make a big deal out of DPA breaches so it is no surprise that all large companies/organisations get itchy about releasing info. I used to work for a Council and we used to get DPA requests from other Councils and even then the official line was to release as little info as possible in case there was a DPA breach.
  13. If your son evidently has learning difficulties just bring him out to speak to the debt colelctor - the debt collector probably wont know how to handle the situation! Have you been to the bank yet? What do they say?
  14. I'll take a wild guess and suggest the letters doesnt say they will send bailiffs straight away, only that they coudl if it coulds to court and there is no payment. If your lodger has not run up the debt and wnast to play ball she will have to report identity theft to the Police. If her mother has comitted fraud then she will have to cop it. If your lodger is denying the debt is theirs then they should write to capquest and tell them so, otherwise you will fidn thigns will just go orudn in circles.
  15. Thing is whilst Lowell may well have bought the debt they don't buy the liability for any illegal acts or dodgy behaviour by any other companies. Therefore you need to work out who has done what and when. From what you have said so far Lowell have called you once and are claming the data issue lies with the credior (probably) providing the phone number to it to the original creditor. Do you have records of who the other DCAs were? I think the problem you will have is proving that the DCAs all phoned you regarding this one debt. For all you know there could be multiple debts out there all in the name of one person who has given the same number out. From what it sounds like - 4 companies (OC, 2 DCAS and Lowell) have contacted you in rgeards to this debt but that doesnt explain where the other 4 DCAs come in.
  16. They are right in what they say with regards to DPA. That said, TS could get the info from them if they were considering taking more formal action.
  17. Clearly they will be liable for anything they did after they bought the debt. Did TS say they have got any more info out of Lowell than you have and whether they will be taking any further action?
  18. Just wait and see what TS come back with - they can probably get the info you want but may not be able to disclose it to you. Be interesting to hear their view on where the blame lies and what options you have. Like I said before, I woudl be surprised if you or TS had much recourse against Lowell in this instance - but maybe against the OC if you find otu wh othey are. Also it has not really been confirmed that all these calls relate to the same debt. It could be that some of the calls/DCAs are chasin other debts that has your nubmer on file for some reason.
  19. Hmmm, can you provide a summary of what it means? I thought when you go to appeal they sort it out there and then and don't just tell you to go back to the county court? If that is the case, when are you going abck to the countycourt and will it be wit the original judge?
  20. court judgements are normally public - unless you have specifically been asked to keep it private.
  21. Is it electronic or paper? Id it up online at http://www.bailii.org/? If so you could just link to it. Cant wait to see it.
  22. On the face of it if your wife had valid cover and a medical condition started whilst she had cover she should be treated for it - but it really is a question of reading the terms. If you feel the term is unfar then you may wish to check out the 2 pieces of legislation relating to unfair contract terms.
  23. I agree On thep lus side if Lowell own the debt your number should be deleted fro mthis account. But the issue is of course that there may be ther debts with your phone number on them.
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